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Muni and Nosara Police Reinforced with New Motorcycles

The Nosara Public Force can now count on two brand new motorcycles, purchased with funds from the specific line items budget allocated to the Nosara district, with the goal of giving greater security to this coastal district of the Nicoyan canton. 

On February 15, the motorcycles were delivered to City Hall along with three others that will reinforce the municipal fleet. One with go to the technical unit and the other two to the real estate department.  The cost of the three Yamaha DT 175 cc’s is 9.6 million colones ($19,200).

Nosara is receiving two blue Yamaha DRI 125’s, with a total cost of 3.8 million colones ($7600).

“Ideally we would patrol on motorcycle the places where the patrol truck can’t enter,” said Gerardo Aguilar Aguilar, chief of the Nosara Public Force. However, he explained that even though they will have two new motorcycles, they don’t have enough officers to drive both the motorcycles and the patrol truck. “I barely have people to ride in the patrol truck,” he affirmed. Aguilar plans to request eight more officers from the Minister of Security when he arrives in Nosara in order to be able to take advantage of both means of transportation at the same time.

Marco Antonio Jimenez, mayor of Nicoya, praised the work done by Nosara Syndic Marco Avila to provide these tools for the police.

“Our commitment goes hand in hand with security, and Nosara is a district that can’t be neglected, and the Syndic Avila is one of the ones who has been requesting resources the most for this district.  Now the motorcycles are being delivered and the protection of the neighbors is being fulfilled,” said Jimenez.