New Moon in Capricorn: Great Time to Move Towards Your Goal

Make resolutions early when a potent new moon in Capricorn arrives on the Winter Solstice (21st), ready to teach us how to support our dreams.

This new beginning offers up a grand opportunity to move towards our goals if we are willing and ready. Have the courage to step into a position of greater authority and dare to share your true colors with the world; manifestation comes to the foreground, opportunities abound and timing is everything.

Eliminate anything that blocks what will ultimately bring you pleasure, finding the strength to walk away from what you have been wanting to change. Accept your role in the Mystery and become a co-conspirator by aligning with universal intent; strive to place yourself at the center of it all and invite everyone else to join you there. Commit to the things that need discipline, setting your sights on what will challenge you to become stronger and wiser.

Be patient, using tenacity and follow through in order to bring your desires to fruition. When you till the earth, you know that seeds must grow before they are ready for harvest; become like nature, letting your roots inspire you to hold brilliant things in form. 

Saturn shifts signs on the 23rd and we are finally ready to move away from the dark and heavy energies of Scorpio, into the light-filled fires of Sagittarius.

Over the past few years we have explored the shadows and uncovered forgotten pieces of ourselves, choosing to have faith when presented with issues of light and dark.

The next few years will bring transformation around lessons of freedom, open-mindedness, our belief systems, spirituality, education, economic hardship, luck, foreign affairs, travel, nature, medicine, politics, law and legality, social biases, personal boundaries and higher principles that could change our history on personal and collective level.

As the Truth grows paramount, we are pushed to evolve in our honesty and our authenticity; are you self-aware? Do you know what you stand for? How much can you see from your vantage point? What can you remove that will expand your view? Keep in mind that we are not all playing the same game; avoid making assumptions and take in the bigger picture, finding innovative ways to honor your unique perspective and respect each others opinions. You are powerful, graceful, lovable and kind. Let go of the past and see what is really there when what is of value becomes illuminated. Some of us are focused on the earth, while others have their faces turned towards the stars. Tell the story in which you play the hero or the heroine, surfing the options as they roll in. Grow faith in your ability to ride the waves of renewed hope with optimism; then liberate yourself, seeking out sustainable ways of life that can enrich your sense of purpose and fill the world with beauty… It is time to fall in Love with ourselves