New Moon Solar Eclipse Arrives in Pisces

A very significant and powerful new moon solar eclipse arrives in Pisces on the 21st, delivering us to the end of the trail.

Something is just beginning or culminating in our personal lives. We have arrived at the gateway to the unknown and must now lighten our load. Endings are possible as we clear the way to receive our future. Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t, trusting that things will work out as they are meant to. Everything that is occurring is timely and provides an opportunity to cleanse what has come to pass. Acknowledge any mental anguish, emotional stress, or physical aches and pains that have manifested in order to catch your attention. Feelings of depression, frustration, sadness or loss will ease as you begin to seek out remedies to your current situation. Drop back from social media that distracts you or negatively affects how you feel about yourself. Release perspectives that paint you as a victim, becoming the hero/heroine of your journey. Use your inner authority to adjust the stories you tell yourself, in order to portray your life in a way that empowers you.

There is a truth tugging at the edge of our collective consciousness about our Oneness. In the rush to connect as a humanity, technology has aided us in losing our connection to each other and to ourselves. We can mend what is broken by rethinking our gender roles, as the feminine archetype has become fragmented and the masculine body has been damaged by modern culture. Realize and release any voyeuristic tendencies around sexuality, remembering that love is seen more clearly with the heart than with the eyes. Focus on sharing authentic intimacy and connection with those you feel affection for. Make a leap of faith and let yourself really care about someone, as if there is no shred of a doubt that your heart is safe in their hands. Give yourself over to life, trusting that your love will lead you rightly. Reconnect daily to the idea that our sexuality is meant to be a Union of two souls. Honor what makes us real, seeing beauty in each others wrinkles and flaws. If we can de-glorify the maiden and find new ways to honor the Mother and Father roles as our forces of creation, we will rebuild our correct relationship to the divine marriage within us all. 

We may see surprises in the news, loyalties and allegiances shift, and seismic activity or earth changes that transform the face of our global landscape. Issues involving water and the oceans, oil and the global economy, dance and music, spirituality and religion, war or the death of prominent figures are highlighted. 

Navigate by choosing positive thoughts that allow creative solutions to emerge. Relax in a bath or the sea, letting moments of realization assist you in seeing and accepting what is so. Give gratitude for the water that is all around you and seek to raise your vibration by programming the waters within. Breathe in self-love, shedding limitations that are preventing you from feeling safe and cared for. Gain courage to do the things that scare you by facing any fears around having things work out the way you want. Question where your devotion lies; What do you give most of your time to? What do you focus your thoughts on? How much time do you spend thinking about what things you want that you don’t have? How often do you feel happy? How often are you content? Have you avoided making changes that are in your best interest? Is there something important that you have been putting off? Are there desires that you continue to ignore? Any rock and hard place was designed to push you towards a leap of faith. Balance out the risks and rewards, answering the call to action with openness and receptivity. Pour your trust and hope into what you cannot see, opening up to receive from all that lives and grows. Take that step! Do something that makes you smile from ear to ear. We can make many choices and do many things for many different reasons, but if we chose to make our hearts happy, we can be sure we are doing what we were born to.

The way ahead is murky, so be prepared to navigate, using your heart as a guide. Look through loves window and allow blind faith to support you, coming into a co-creative connection with the Universe. It is our destiny to Awaken.