Regional, Nicoya

Nicoya and Samara Have Budgets Approved

The districts of Nicoya and Samara now have the amounts approved by the Municipal Council that correspond to the specific line items budget assignments for the 2012-2013 period.

According to figures from Olga Chavarria, syndic of Nicoya, the total amount that corresponds to the district of Nicoya is 11,444,185 colones ($22,888), and it will be invested in the community of Santa Ana to repair the school roof.  Also the school of Casitas will get the multiuse hall fenced in and protected, and in Curime’s school a computer room will be conditioned.

Chavarria also mentioned projects in Barrio Negro in San Martin with an amount of 5,500,000 colones ($11,000) destined to the construction of a curb and gutter, and in Sabana Grande there will be improvements to the school walls and windows.

Chavarria indicated that they are waiting for approval of the Ministry of Finance to execute the projects.

For his part, Bonifacio Diaz, syndic of Samara, reported that the amount corresponding to Samara is 5,350,087 colones ($10,700), which includes works like the construction of a tank for the aqueduct in San Bosco of Samara, the improvement of the Buena Vista cemetery, which will get a new chapel, and also the construction of the Puente de los Ahogados bridge in Buena Vista of Samara.

As far as Nosara goes, Syndic Marcos Avila said that at the beginning of this year they had just started executing the 10 million colones ($20,000) corresponding to 2012, which were used to buy two motorcycles together with the required protective gear that were given to the local Public Force. 

In addition, Avila mentioned giving 98 fans to a number of schools in the area from Las Delicias to Santa Teresa, which were distributed at the beginning of March.

The rest of the resources were invested in the purchase of materials for the EBAIS clinic in Garza, with an amount of 3 million colones ($6,000), and the purchase of construction materials for the multiuse hall in Las Delicias with a similar amount of 3 million ($6,000).

Avila anticipated that the budget for specific line items for this year will be somewhere between 10 and 15 million colones ($20-30,000) but said it would be a few more weeks wait to know the final amount that the government will grant.

One of the projects in which he plans to invest the assigned budget for this year is in the Bocas de Nosara High School as the educational center needs various improvements such as a new lunchroom, since the current one was closed by the Ministry of Health. Other needs are a multiuse hall and rewiring the facility’s entire electrical system.

For Avila, the decision to invest the entire budget in the school is apt since, according to him, “the kids come first. Investing in their education is a benefit for the whole community,” he expressed.

Avila estimated that the total amount to be invested in the high school will be around 28 million colones ($56,000) and will be executed next year in the specified educational center. In addition, he mentioned that they will seek support from the National Direction of Community Development (DINADECO) to provide what’s missing of the final amount.