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Nicoya Hospital Resumes Surgical Service, Again

After having the three operation rooms closed for remodeling since last year due to an order from the Ministry of Health, the La Anexion hospital in Nicoya has now resumed its surgical program, which it had to conduct in an improvised room as well as in the hospital in Liberia and in the Centro de Atención Integral en Salud (CAIS- Center of Integral Health Attention) of Cañas.

Dr. Jorge Fonseca Renauld, director of the medical center, explained, “This is great news,” since they can now perform all surgeries like cases of appendixes, vesicles, gynecological and orthopedic procedures and hemorrhages, among others.

The operating rooms were shut down by the Ministry of Health on June 6, 2012 and reopened on November 27; however, a change in electrical voltage damaged three air conditioners in the hospital, one of which corresponded to one of the operating rooms, according to Fonseca. Due to this, the waiting list for surgeries continued to grow.

“In spite of the closure, the surgical program of the hospital never halted and moreover in the last month, the hospital doubled its monthly production, as the team went from performing between 90 and 100 surgeries to [performing] 200 in the first month of the year,” informed Fonseca.

At the same time, the director emphasized that after the damages suffered to the hospital infrastructure caused by the earthquake last September 5, they have made 40% progress on repairs; currently they are working on the outpatient main office, the pharmacy warehouse and the clinical archives.