People from the Past Reappear for Healing, Reconciliation and/or Closure

We have spent the majority of 2013 traveling into uncharted territory and experiencing change on all fronts.  Mercury turned retrograde in Scorpio on the 21st, offering up the remainder of the month for a deeper look at our circumstances, in order to digest what has come to pass.

Scorpio delivers the sum total of our desires, seen and unseen, conjuring up any unconscious attitudes or repressed yearnings, and related guilt or shame that require our attention.

Fated events may occur as we investigate our hidden motivations and seek out underlying causes. People from the past reappear for healing, reconciliation and/or closure. Finding the road ahead can be tricky when fires have made smoke that hides the path from view.

Look deep for your personal truth, earth soaked and resonating in your bones. Let go of anger and other toxic emotions.  Forgive each other. Finish old contracts, and honor every circumstance for the lessons and growing pains inherent within. Shed your skin and expose your vulnerability to others, conveying with sincerity any thoughts that have been circling around in your head.

Emotions are running high and communication is highlighted. Be transparent in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Focus on honesty and integrity. Hear what is not being said. If you have been denying your intuition or making assumptions, the current tides will unearth what has been ignored.

The planet is changing on an energetic level, and affecting the way our bodies function in the world. By nature, change exposes darkness to the light. As we respond energetically to the shifting, psychological trauma, health issues, and other previously buried wounds may arise for validation and incorporation into your life. Avoid ruminating about circumstances that you cannot change, and focus instead on affecting what you can. Birth compassion and empathy for your weaknesses. Fill up with gratitude, finding power in your strengths. Let this excavation realign what is off balance within you. If some of the more unsettling aspects of humanity are brought to the foreground, seek out the calm. Find a room with a view. Go night swimming.