Reshaping the Way We See Our World

November opens in the midst of two very potent eclipses that will attempt to reshape the way we view our world over the next 6 months. Choices made last winter have come to fruition, and we can now observe the consequences of our actions. This time period offers us an opportunity to see where these decisions will lead us if we continue on the same course. 

Mercury’s retrograde motion adds chaos and confusion to the mix; messages are being misread and communications could be complicated. We are accepting losses, healing wounds, looking at hard truths and feeling our way forward. Obstacles that appear out of the blue may actually be timely course corrections to redirect your path. Trust that all is as it is meant to be. Keep your plate as empty as you can, in order to best deal with the things that you cannot see coming. Acknowledge any fear of change, or any unconscious habits of clinging to what makes you feel safe and secure.

Stay focused on the details, and go about the day-to-day, making small changes that will ultimately create a revolution in your life. Exposure of hidden truths, darker aspects of humanity, and political reform are possible.A powerful Solar Eclipse arrives on the 3rd in Scorpio, ushering in a wave of emotional growth. Newness is on the horizon, and we are being pressed to create space that will allow our true path to emerge.

The powers of the mind and intuition are heightened, offering valuable insight into the reasons behind our given circumstances. The answer to any questions arising now lies rooted in the far reaches of our past. Acknowledge any choices you make that are designed to prevent you from having to relive painful childhood memories. Shine the light on habits or modes of operation that you continually reenact in order to keep yourself safe. Question your allegiances, your values, the way you choose to communicate with others and the world at large.

Expose fears of failure or inadequacy that prevent you from aiming towards success. Look at fears of being vulnerable or unworthy, that are holding you back from love and intimacy. Confront fears of the unknown that prevent you from manifesting greater stability. Admit to yourself that you created these obstacles in order to avoid dealing with change. Allow this truth to gently take down the walls that keep you protected. Spirituality is strong here and can offer an outlet for otherwise unruly emotions. Do your best to let down your guard and save the stubbornness for another day. Release anger and resentment. Forgive, forgive, and forgive some more. Be authentic about what you find, sincerity is the goal. Turn bruises into beauty by infusing them with acceptance and growth. Trust that without change, there would be no point to our experience here on Earth. New beginnings that start with the ending of a previous way of being or doing, are possible.Loving Venus moves into Capricorn on the 6th, heightening our intuition, and setting our sites on our goals. Our attention shifts towards reputation, social standing, deep-rooted traditions, accountability, and commitment. We crave alliances that will assist us in getting things done; we want a lover to birth projects with and execute important tasks. We feel cautious in regard to matters of the heart, preferring to wait until we are sure that a partnership will take us where we want to go. Use this time to get clear about your own worth in connection to others. If it seems that someone in your life is undermining your value, seize this opportunity to begin to command the respect that you deserve. Establish healthy boundaries and become your own authority. Take time while executing your endeavors, focusing on quality over quantity.

Financial issues come to the foreground as we strive to create greater security. Cut back on things that drain you, conserving your resources for what you most value. Exercise maturity in your endeavors, admitting any unconscious worries that have you always striving for more, or a fear of loss that keeps you grasping to hold onto what you have.

Venus will turn retrograde in Capricorn next month, making this a lengthy transit aimed at redefining what is essential for our happiness. Listen closely to your gut responses, and begin following your instincts now in order to achieve the best results.