Take a Moment to Resonate with All of Humanity

When Venus moves into sensitive Pisces on the 28th, question what the freedom to love means to you and explore the types of passion that have the power to ignite you.

The heart is more intelligent than the mind, so let it lead, blurring your vision to growing aware of truths that exist on the edges of your subconscious. Merge with the light and the darks, acknowledging that pain is caused by trying to distance yourself from the things that you are afraid of.

Breathe your troubles in and become one with what that scares you, connecting with the web of light that runs through everything there is. Take a moment to resonate with all of humanity, understanding that our bodies are a part of the larger whole, designed to feel the same ebbs and flows, like the tides. Spend time near the water and get in touch with your soul, honoring the parts of yourself that cannot be destroyed. Release the things you cling to and remember your experiences, because memories are all we get to take with us in the end. Meet the world with grace and dignity by following the rainbow of beauty that colors in your days, and wonder about the piece of divinity residing within you…. When the world opens up and offers you its gifts, what do you do with them?