The End of the Month Brings Adrenaline

Fiery Mars moves into Leo as the month closes and our passions roar to life! If you have been feeling lethargic or need a dose of adrenaline to recuperate here comes the missing ingredient.

Situations heat up. Look again at what may truly make you happy. Life is unpredictable and bold displays are possible. The weight of these times will leave some feeling indignant and disheartened. Others will be full of exhilaration, surfing the waves with joy in their heart.

Some will question their safety, some will grasp at love. Avoid acting hasty. Our ego seeks control, but our intuition is also strong as we navigate the current tides. We are preparing for what is to come throughout the autumn months.

Let yourself be guided, because the answers still elude us. Release as much drama as you can. Shut off the TV and let the sounds of nature return you to the natural rhythm of it all. Be caressed by the breeze. Feel magic dripping from every moon soaked tree. See the courage of a flower. Sense the sunset licking the shore. Then harness yourself to the stars at night and cultivate a working understanding of their wisdom.

In the vastness of it all, be grateful that you Are. Here. Now. In every moment the Universe resides…just waiting for you to see her. And invite her in.