Time for Revolution

When the Sun and the new Moon arrive in galactic Aquarius on the 20th and Mercury spins retrograde in Aquarius on the 21st, get grounded in order to handle the lighting influx of conflicting energies.

We want to rebel against authority and claim our sovereignty as voices of protest rise up from the masses, calling for freedom and liberation. Think outside the box, inventing new ways to solve old problems, being radical in your approach and sacred in your consistency.

Chose to conquer your fears by expressing your eccentricities, shocking the world with outrageous displays of truth and letting your freak flag fly. Those who have always been ahead of their time may discover that they have arrived and the world is finally ready for what they have to offer.

Aim to be accepted for your oddest parts, learning to love yourself through the eyes of others; revolutionize your ideas of connection and begin to draw outside the lines. Who do you spend your time and energy on? What do you give to your greater community? What do you get back? Guard against any attempts to undervalue the importance of your personal relations, for the sake of your right to do what you want. The lesson now is to appreciate each other and the best way to receive love is to give it, openly, endlessly and unconditionally. Adjust to create an equal give and take, making space within your for a more cosmic version of love and equality to appear.

Technology could go on the fritz, so make sure to back up any data you do not want to lose and be careful around electricity, taking safety precautions. We can no longer feign ignorance and must strive to be informed; study and do the research, investigate and stand back to get a new perspective or take a trip in order to find a better view. Revise, redo, rebrand, renew and regroup, watching for misunderstandings in communication. Question what is real and what is an illusion, thinking twice before believing what you read, as verbal slander in the media is possible.