Nosara, General

Time to Take Care of Our Body, Mind and Spirit

We feel the explosions in a very real way when Mercury moves into Taurus on the 24th. Our world must change in order to realign with the higher spiritual laws.

Resistance is the dam that will cause you to veer from your path, so give in and let go. It is time to release recent dramas, refocusing on becoming the person that you wish to be by discovering a balance between your spiritual growth and the health of your physical body.

Feelings of depression, frustration, sadness and loss will ease, as you begin to look for remedies to your current circumstances. We can now cleanse our ideas of what has happened to us so as to not poison the well of our future. Seek the place within where your mind and your body merge, by listening to the internal direction that you are receiving from your gut. Continue to increase awareness of the food that you eat. Sensitivity to what you consume is becoming paramount. Support your whole body system with organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables; consume meat that is hormone free. Strengthen your immune system with vitamins and herbs; protect yourself from viruses by taking chlorophyll, grapefruit seed extract, and vitamin D.

Do all that you can to care for your body on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Meditate through your breath to gain clarity by thinking of nothing, and use techniques for creative visualization to gain clarity by focusing on something.

Some gains may be born from sorrow or loss, and some from what scares you the most; some will take work to be turned into something precious and some have been there all along. There will always be moments of necessary adjustment on the evolutionary path; navigate this current by accepting what is coming and allowing creative solutions to emerge. Radical shifts in power are possible.