Turn Your Awareness Inward

Jupiter moves retrograde in Cancer on the 7th, decreasing our external progress, and turning our awareness inward.

Release any attachment to outward appearances and superficial behaviors. Let go of the need for approval from others or the world at large. Over the next four months, pay attention to what part of your life slows down, as it is slowing down for a reason. Move a few steps back to view a broader perspective. Reassess your current financial situation. Reevaluate the roles that you play in your day-to-day. Do you perceive a sense of lack in you life? Are you being true to yourself as you go about your dealings? Are you compromising your integrity to play a role that does not honor who you truly are? If you are feeling frustrated, it is a sign of what is off balance within.

Pay attention to the signs and signals from your body, as you could receive vital clues. Some may experience a change in fortune as they are, quite literally, taken out of the game in order to spend a moment of introspection and reflection. Projects and relationships that seemed to be on their way out could be resurrected in order to gain a deeper understanding of what went wrong. Reconnect with old friends, travel, and continue your education. The spotlight falls on home and family, heritage, patriotism, women, motherhood, nurturing, protection, and issues of emotional safety and security.We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief as when the heaviness begins to lift as Mercury stations direct on the 10th.

Over the past 3 and a half weeks we have reexamined our inner workings, exploring our perceptions around birth, death, sex, loss, intimacy, shared finances, addictive patterns, emotional crutches and all the deeper aspects of the psyche that are related to our wounds and the path towards healing.

Spend time now doing any last minute work, to avoid the fallout of lessons, unheeded. Do you take responsibility in your life or do you admit where you are dropping the ball? Do you blame others for your own shortcomings, or circumstances? Do you blame your unhappiness on others? Do you fill your life with things that comfort you, and avoid the things that scare you? The current energies relate directly to situations that began to manifest in November of 2012, and will continue to unfold through August of 2014. Awaken to your inner motivations, getting clear about what you can, and what you cannot hold onto. Speak out and tell it like it is, doing your best to soften the message so it is well received. There is potential for much accomplishment now, if we release preconceptions of how we think it should be, and accept the truth of how things really are. Neptune stations direct in Pisces on the 12th, highlighting our dreams and our intuition. As we emerge from the depths, we are stronger and wiser, aware of the parts of us that cannot be destroyed. We have released some fears that were holding us back, and are poised to set sail, once again, towards a distant shore. Begin this journey by staying as clear as possible. See things as they are, without the gloom or the glory. Follow your feelings and hunches. Exposure of global deception could arise, as the veil begins to lift. Release mental illusions about yourself and the greater community. Focus on the higher ideals of Forgiveness, Faith, Hope and Charity. Keep your wits about you, doing your best to love and support each other. Allow grace to guide you onward.