Turismo, General

Waterfall Rappel, Zip-line, and Jungle Tour

If you are headed to the Jaco area this tour is a must do. If you’re not headed to Jaco, then this tour is reason enough to change your plans. It begins with a 15 minute drive to a picture perfect property where you set out for a 20 minute nature walk through the jungle to the waterfalls. Our guide taught us about the local flora and fauna and I got to eat heart of palm right out of the ground! No rappelling experience is necessary. Costa Rica Waterfall Tours personnel walk you through the basics and utilize two guides with safety lines assisting your decent. There were four large waterfalls to rappel down. Leaning back in my harness at the top of a waterfall was an exhilarating feeling second to none. Each step was greeted with fresh water rushing over my feet. I have never felt more alive. The guides did an excellent job assuring my safety, I never felt concerned. After the four rappels we shot down three zip-lines to a large open air rancho where we replenished our bodies with fresh pineapple, bananas, and water.