We are Challenge to Change

Great healing is possible when a powerful new moon solar eclipse arrives on the 23rd in Scorpio.

We are being offered a glimpse of our core and transformation has arrived to challenge us to change. This turning point is profound and will be felt by each of us in a very individual way; it is time to discover what is behind our issues, our wounds are on our sleeve and we can finally see what has been plaguing us.

The only way forward is through whatever we have been avoiding and courage is available for our grand leap of Faith. Grow strong in your power and look closely at your choices, what have you been obsessing over? Where does your heart actually lie? What truly matters to you now? Are there values that need to shift in order for you to create space within to receive what you want? Explore how you wield your power in relationships, looking closely at the dynamic between you and those you connect with; how do you share your time, space and energy with others? Can you build a lasting connection of value? Do you dare to let others see you for what you are? Can you have compassion for others weaknesses? Do you own your strengths? Are there choices that you regret? Can they be rectified? Stay focused on the process, growing into deeper connection with the part of yourself that knows the answer, even as you ask the question. Let instinct guide you, choosing only to listen to the opinions of others when it resonate as truth within.

Accept that success lies in working together to honor ourselves as individuals; acknowledge that power has the potential to gain you favor if you respect it, and can corrupt you if you don’t. Notice how you use your power to get what you want, to stand your ground, to create, to let go… invest it into the things that you believe in, championing what deserves your time, energy and attention. Recognize the need for purification of our planetary body and each individual mind, using your positive energy to spread hope and bring a smile to the face of someone less fortunate. Issues around money and financial wealth, real estate, natural resources, psychology and psyche, the feminine, sexuality, anger, aggression, jealousy, strategy, sex drive, honesty, integrity, secret situations and hidden motivations could be exposed and there is potential for anger on a personal and collective level.

How we handle ourselves as a society has had time to evolve and we may choose to react in a new way to cultural events and phenomena, catalyzing transformation and course correction in governments, structures and issues regarding power and control.

Planetary movement at end of the month offers waves of change that can equalize the balance of give and take.

Examine the shore you now find yourself on, deciding if adjustment is necessary in order to realign with your essence. We all have inclinations that represent us, from the clothes we wear, to the things we like and the jobs we chose. Sink your roots down into the earth and shout “yes” to the whirlwind, letting what no longer serves you be swept away by the blowing breeze. You are still absolutely gorgeous and utterly amazing.

Get gutsy with your openness and candid with your intimacy, awakening the possibility that your deepest wishes could come true. Share your gifts freely with those who deserve it and forgive easily those who don’t, trusting the winds to usher in people, situations and circumstances that value exactly who you are. Let your hair down and play, replacing loneliness with laughter and spontaneity; dance among the falling stars, expanding your belief in what is to come. Step out of your comfort zone and into your pleasure zone, encouraging your senses and following your desires beyond the edge, into the darkness of the unknown. Be authentically yourself and shine your brightest, trusting that a whole new world is possible when we learn how to love what lives in the shadows.