We Pour Our Hearts For Our Community

Jupiter moves into Cancer on the 22nd and our focus turns toward hearth and home.

Compassion wells up within. We feel deeply for our community, pouring our hearts into efforts of support.

This energy is familiar, expanding our ability to nurture and sustain life. Look back to 12 years ago for a blueprint of what is to come.

Meditate on  questions of support. What unresolved issues regarding your mother and father still persist?

Have you found equilibrium between career and your personal life?

How do you translate your family dynamics as you socialize in the world?

Where do you hide behind your defenses, instead of honoring your feelings?

What scares you into fight or flight response?

Our living situations, and our ability to share intimately with others will be highlighted throughout the coming year.

Be flexible about what you expect to happen. Allow your heart to expand.  Fall in love with yourself, causing your masculine and feminine sides to merge.

Be good to your body, taking the time to nourish yourself. Swim in the ocean of emotions that surround you.

Feel other’s pleasure and pain, forsaking safety for the supportive waters of the mystery.

Let each other in. The true connection will enlighten you.