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Nosara Elected New ASADA Board
Frente Amplio Politician Said He’ll Put the ASADA “Right”
ASADA Refutes Water Contamination in Serapio Lopez School

By Marvin Castillo, Citizen Journalist Nosara

After several attempts to gather together a big enough group of the clients of the ASADA of central Nosara, the sufficient amount of people finally came to the meeting on Friday, December 7th in order to hold the election of the new administrative board. 

About 60 members came to the meeting.  Also present was Willmar Matarrita, lawyer and politician with the Frente Amplio (Ample Front) party, who said he will take charge of putting the association right, since, according to him, “it’s a dead association” because it doesn’t have legal sustenance.  He explained that associations of this type should be renewed each year and if the legal procedure isn’t followed, the association disappears legally.  The last time that a personería jurídica (legal identity) was requested was three years ago, and it wasn’t renewed annually. 

At 5:30 p.m., the president of the ASADA, Christoph Hubmann, spoke up and expressed how happy he felt to see so many people willing to help and he proposed being reelected, after expounding on his point of view and projects.  Those in attendance voted unanimously for him to continue. Hubmann thanked those present and said he wants to continue because he feels the responsibility of leaving the aqueduct in order.

Next Heiner Avila, the brother of the current president of the Nosara Development Association, was elected vice president.  The rest of the board of directors will include Lilliana Rodriguez as secretary, Lorena Marchena as treasurer and Marvin Herrera, Jose Reyes and Alicia Artavia as vocals.  As fiscal (auditor), Oldemar Garcia was elected.

The new representatives agreed to meet weekly on Tuesdays in the ASADA facilities.  They will take on the task of looking for a way to modernize and improve the aqueduct system that carries potable water to 587 homes in central Nosara, Arenales and the surrounding areas.

Last month, concerns about the aqueduct system increased as water was suspected to be the cause of the cases of illness among some Serapio Lopez school children.  However, even though results aren’t yet back from the analysis of water samples taken by the Ministry of Health, Luis Bermudez, the administrator of the ASADA, ruled out the water as the cause of the illnesses, pointing out that the same problem of illnesses also happened in other schools such as Santa Marta and Esperanza during this time period. 


More Community News

New Bridge To Chinampas Inaugurated

With singing and dancing, chicharron and carne asada, on Saturday, January 12th the community of Chinampas celebrated the inauguration of a bridge that was three years in the making, according to Bonifacio Diaz, who lives in Chinampas and serves as syndic for the District of Samara.

Friendly Progress In Nosara For 2012

The non-profit group, Friends of Nosara, held their annual general meeting this Sunday January 6 at restaurant Marlin Bill's. The group has achieved some of their stated goals from 2012 and says that they will continue working towards them in the new year.

Samara Residents Denounce Polluting of Lagarto River

Under the bridge between Samara center and Cangrejal, two drainage pipes pour out directly into the Río Lagarto riverbed, and members of the Samara community suspect that the water is contaminated. 

Summer School in Nosara            

Nosara summer school, better known as “Escuelita”, is starting this Monday January 7th and will last for 3 weeks. Kids and youth ages 5-14 can learn animation with film, gardening, singing, cooking, photo i illustration and handi crafts, all combined with games and sports.

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