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Samara Police Roughing It in the Community Hall
Police must wait at least two more weeks before repairs are finished

By Arianna McKinney


Renovations to the Samara Police facility, which began on February 10th, are expected to take at least two more weeks.  In the meantime, the police have been roughing it in the community hall and a small office lent by Hotel Giada. 

    After more than a month of cooking, bathing and sleeping in the community hall, police officer Rafael Castillo Sandi said it’s very tiring because the hall doesn’t really have the necessary living conditions; however he says they are staying there with much pleasure because they’d rather be in Samara where the town can see them rather than far away in Nicoya or in Carillo, which were options considered after the Ministry of Health issued a notice to the Public Force to move out of the Samara police facility until necessary renovations are completed.
    Castillo related that the water system is bad in the community hall and dust enters when they’re eating.  Additionally, other groups occasionally hold meetings in the hall, although Castillo affirms that this doesn’t bother them in the least. 

Rafael Castillo Sandi of the Public Force cooks dinner in the small kitchen of the Samara Community Hall.  


Renovations to the Samara police facility, which began on February 10, are progressing but will take at least two more weeks.


Officer Maekol Quiros Sirias agreed that he doesn’t like the living conditions in the community hall and said it will be better when they can move back into the police station. He said the bathrooms in the community hall sometimes don’t work and sleeping can be a challenge because of the mosquitoes and the cool night air, along with noise on the weekends from the nearby disco, since the hall is rather open. “But at least there’s a roof”, he added. 

   Renovations have taken longer than initial estimates - in part because the work is being done by the police rather than contractors. The Ministry of Public Security is providing materials and labor for the project. Juan Carlos Vallejos Lopez, a member of the Public Force who works with civil works for Guanacaste, explained that the renovations include installation of two septic tanks and new drainage, replacement of the roof, installation of ceramic tile, painting, and installing new toilets and windows. 

    At this point, Castillo reported that the new drainage and septic tanks have been installed, the roof has been replaced and painting and flooring work are underway. The bathrooms still need to be renovated and new sinks installed in the kitchen.
Giancarlo Capponi, vice president of CASATUR, is coordinating community support of the project and estimates that the work might be finished in two more weeks. The facility will also need to be inspected by the Ministry of Health before the police can move back in. 

In the meantime, people can call the police in their temporary office at 2656-3434. 


More Regional News

Samara Bridge Collapses under Trailer's Weight
Conavi started work on a provisional route

On Wednesday April 23th, machinery arrived to prepare for closing the bridge over Buena Vista river between Bar Las Vegas and the sawmill, the main route entering Samara from Nicoya. On Thursday morning, work began on a provisional route around the bridge by Vista Verde Restaurant. Thursday afternoon, around 12:30 p.m., the bridge collapsed as a trailer loaded with heavy stone was passing over it. More >

Survivor of Cinchona Earthquake urges Samara to be prepared
Local committee appointed to organize Samara for emergencies

“Never say never,” urged Silvia Mejia Zamora in tears during a community meeting in Samara on Wednesday, March 9th. She explained that she was one of those people who thought that a disaster like an earthquake would never really happen. She was just going about her normal business doing laundry. Her husband had gone to work and her children were playing when the 6.2 earthquake hit with an epicenter 4 kilometers southeast of Cinchona. Her cousin and his children died in the earthquake.“Losing a loved one hurts a lot and seeing your house, your town destroyed hurts a lot,” she said. More >

Tsunami Alert
Population on the coast should evacuate to higher altitudes

After an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan and 10 meter high waves hit the country, the National Emergency Commission announced a green alarm on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. As a tsunami might hit the coast around 4 p.m., coastal residents are advised to start evacuating to higher altitudes starting from 2 p.m. More >

Bathers are unprotected by lack of lifeguards on beaches

“At 11:30 a.m. she came in, hugged everybody and said she wanted to go to the beach. At 1:30 p.m., she drowned". Just like that, with those words, Jim MacKenzie narrated Kattia María Umaña Chaverri's death, which took place on January 25th. The lack of warning signs on dangerous beach areas put the life of three teenagers at risk, killing their mother. More >

Presidential Visit
President Chinchilla Complains in Nicoya Over Lack of Money

At almost 12:00 p.m. and under a burning sun, a long line of people that almost reached the high table assembled, holding in their hands letters and envelopes of all sizes with petitions for the President. Irene Pacheco, the President's assistant, was in charge of receiving a total of 96 petitions. More >

Interview with John Perkins, author of best-seller
“Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

“The people are taking back our power”

While the world’s attention may be on the democracy movement in Egypt, Latin America has also experienced a major move toward democracy in the wake of diminished power of the United States, according to bestselling author John Perkins. More >

New Dike Proposal for Nosara Meets with Doubts
• Project will cost over $3 million
• New community emergency committee named for Nosara

In a behind-schedule effort to comply with a resolution issued by the constitutional court (Sala Constitucional), engineers from SENARA (Servicio Nacional de Aguas Subterráneas Riego y Avenamiento) on Thursday, February 3rd presented a proposal to build an eight-meter-wide (24 feet) dike and sections of dikes using high-quality materials to diminish the impact of the flooding of the Nosara River during heavy rains.
More >

Traffic Police Seeks to Reorganize Nicoya's City Limits
• Heavy vehicle drivers invade restricted zones

The road chaos that has prevailed for the past five years in the city of Nicoya upsets and concerns its residents, who demand a reorganization.

Missing, fallen or misplaced traffic signs, a blurry road demarcation, vehicles parked on restricted areas or taxi stops and vehicles driving the wrong way down the street are just some of the irregularities seen in Nicoya. More >

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