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Fiestas Raise Less Money for Communities This Year

By Arianna McKinney

With more requirements creating new expenses, as well as the economic situation straining spending, this year’s fiestas in Samara and Nosara raised considerably less funds for the communities. 

Really some towns aren’t putting on the fiestas now for the same [reason]— bureaucracy,” remarked Marcos Avila, president of the Nosara Development Association—“There are towns that didn’t even cover their costs this year.”

While Nosara and Samara’s community fiestas did have earnings this year, the income was significantly less.

In Samara, the fiestas brought in less than half of last year’s earnings—5,097,314 colones ($10,194) this year compared to more than 12,000,000 colones ($24,000) the year before. Treasurer Emilse Steller Ramirez explained that this year several new costs were incurred to meet new requirements, such as 500,000 colones ($1000) for a veterinarian, 550,000 ($1100) for private security and the cost of a special platform for handicapped people, as well as paying to rent the land where the fiestas were held.     


Nonetheless, the money raised will help support Samara community projects.  San Fernando of Samara has already requested 200,000 colones ($400) for the Catholic church, and 2 million ($4000) is destined for construction at the rural high school in El Torito. 

Pilar Cardenas, treasurer for the Nicoya Fiestas Commission, didn’t have the final financial accounts compiled yet but confirmed that Nicoya also experienced more costs and very little patronage from business sponsors this year. 

In Nosara, this year’s fiestas brought in 7,711,609 colones ($15,423), down from 10,200,000 ($20,400) last year, with area businesses and the fiesta’s cantina experiencing a drop in sales compared to last year. Avila reported that last year the cantina brought in about 1.2 million colones ($2400), but this year the cantina and refreshment stands didn’t have earnings, and the dances were not well attended. This year’s horse parade earned about 500,000 colones ($1000) less than last year, and the pageant that was very good last year was canceled this year because it would have incurred debt. Also to save money this year, the fiestas commission decided not to spend money on extra activities like renting clown masks or raffling bicycles. 
All things considered, Avila considered this year’s earnings to be good, and the money is being used to build an office as a music school for children in addition to repairing the district’s two patrol cars. 



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