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Behind the scenes on location
The Rain Was No Match Against “El Fin”
By Kelly N Patterson

Independent film writer and director, Miguel Gomez, chose Playa Pelada, of all the beaches of his native Costa Rica, to be the setting for the end of the world. In Gomez’s upcoming film, “El Fin”, the final scene of the film portrays the central characters, all whom have experienced a figurative end to “their” worlds, meditating on their lives, on Playa Pelada at sunset – just as the fatal meteor strikes.

The rain was a daily, uninvited guest throughout their week-long shoot in the Nosara area. The uncooperative weather made driving a school bus and two mini-vans full of actors, crew and filming equipment a challenge, as well as getting an Armageddon-worthy sunset. But finally, they managed to pull off the final scene on a Sunday sunset, the last day of their planned filming in the Nosara area. Miguel Gomez and his crew managed work in the midst of rainy season with humor, patience and grace.

As at the filming in Playa Pelada, the vibe on the set in Garza, at El Villagio, was friendly, playful and family-like despite the heaviness of the issues addressed in the film. This probably had a lot to do with the fact that most of the cast and crew are related. For example, Miguel Gomez’s brother, Dennis Gomez, is one of the two producers (the other is Andrea Truque); and all the children actors in the film are from Nicoya.

The scenes shot in Garza were mostly about the character “Andrea” being ostracized by her family for having an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy. The scene of the actual delivery of the baby was filmed at “El Villagio” in Garza. With empty Red Bulls all over the set, the cast and crew were gregarious in between takes. But at the sharp sound of the clapboard closing, everyone became immediately, profoundly silent and attentive for the filming.

The entire entourage, from producers to crew, was hosted by the local resorts, L’Aqua Viva, Tierra Magnifica, Gardino Tropical, El Ramal, Cafe de Paris and Harbor Reef during their week-long stay in Nosara.

“El Fin” is a high concept film: reflective in its nature, not following the stale, linear Hollywood “formula.” Instead, “El Fin” is a bitter-sweet, thought-provoking film that shows how we humans do not need a natural disaster, like a meteor hit, to feel like it’s the end of the world. Actually, humans experience this kind of profound loss every day and this awareness can inspire more enlightened living. This film is a clever, poignant play on the literal and figurative end of the world.



For more about Miguel Gomez and his previous work, please visit: http://miguelgomezfilms.wordpress.com/author/miguelgomezfilms/


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