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Guiones a Blue Flag Beach for 9 Years in a Row

By Samantha Pollock

Thursday August 11, Guiones beach was awarded its ninth consecutive Bandera Azul Ecológica (Ecological Blue Flag). Beachgoers and school children looked on as the flag was proudly raised beneath a clear sky, nearly as blue. The flag symbolizes the continued effort of the community to maintain a clean and ecologically friendly beach area. Neighboring beach Pelada was also awarded the same environmental recognition.

Thirty-five students from two local public schools, Portal de Garza (Los Angeles) and Santa Marta attended the flag raising ceremony. Dr. Laura Brenes of the Refugio Ostional, gave a speech to the children in attendance before the flag was hoisted. She emphasized the importance of respecting the environment and what it means to be awarded a blue flag. Dr. Brenes explained several steps being taken towards creating a more ecofriendly community including the planting of trees in Guiones. 

Local private school, Del Mar Academy, is the first school in the area to be awarded a Bandera Azul. Following in Del Mar Academy’s pioneering footsteps, Portal de Garza and Santa Marta are in the process of applying for their first flags.

Jessica Sheffield, who is responsible for the environmental initiatives at Del Mar Academy, is helping the two public schools attain the same recognition. Following the ceremony she made a presentation at Hotel Casa Tucan, informing the students about the basics of recycling and composting. If the two schools are awarded the blue flags they will be the first public schools in the district of Nosara to receive the honor. 

Bobby Johnson as a member of the Bandera Azul Ecológica comité, stressed the importance of environmental education in the area. “We have to make people aware of the importance of protecting and preserving our beaches.  Once they are gone, they are gone.”


Dr. Laura Brenes and Jessica Sheffield explain the honor of
receiving a blue flag at Guiones beach
Students listen eagerly to Dr. Laura Brenes environmental speech
before the flag was lifted on Guiones beach
Students work together to raise the flag pole at Thursday's


More Nature News

Third Beached Dolphin Found in Guiones
Dolphins Show Pattern of Neurological Disorders

Wednesday August 24, a third dolphin in 2 months was found beached and struggling in shallow waters on Guiones beach. The porpous, a full grown, male, striped dolphin, had been spotted at 1 pm by beach goers. Several attempts were made to return the dolphin to deeper waters in hopes that it could regain orientation. Each time the dolphin returned to the shore.w

V National Shorebird Census Invite You to Learn

The fifth annual National Shorebird Census will take place next Saturday September 3rd and Nosara will be part of it. The National Ornithologists Union sponsors and organizes this activity, aimed towards monitoring the populations of this endangered group of birds in their wintering grounds. All those interested are welcome to participate and learn.

SIBU’s Dilema: Shall There be Guests?

A fifth howler monkey was spotted tangled in electric lines this week. Brenda Bombard of Nosara Wildlife Rescue spotted the monkey hanging from the lines along Route 160 where it runs through Guiones. Despite a drop in numbers thanks to the recent insulation of more than 40 kilometers of electric line in the Nosara district, monkeys sustaining injury or death by electrocution continues. For the latest victim there is little hope, after falling from the lines the injured primate crawled into thick underbrush and disappeared before Brenda could rescue it. Alas, for a lucky few a happy ending is possible. 


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