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Work out in the Jungle: a Heaven for Fitness Minded

By Marcia Banes

There are many options to stay in shape in Nosara besides surfing and yoga. With all of the activities available, Nosara is quickly becoming a haven for the fitness minded.

The Nosara Gym is one such fitness option recently opened by Daina Woodman, who worked as a fitness trainer in the United States before moving to Nosara two years ago. It is located on the second floor of the Banco Popular building in Playa Guiones and is open 7 Days a week. This air-conditioned facility has free weights, weight machines, stability balls and cardiovascular equipment. Personal training is also offered at the gym for those people needing extra guidance or who have a specific exercise or physical therapy need. Another option for gym-goers is L’Aqua Viva Resort and Spa in Playa Guiones. L’Aqua Viva’s gym facility is free to guests staying at the resort and houses cardiovascular equipment, weight machines. free weights and an outdoor swimming pool. L’Aqua Viva also offers memberships to local residents and personal training is available upon request.

OUTDOOR EXERCISE: A great option for people looking for an outdoor workout facility is the
Enchanted Forest in Playa Guiones, opened by retired professional boxer, Brenda Lee Burnside almost 10 years ago. The Enchanted Forest offers “Box Fit” classes that teach boxing skills to participants while incorporating cardiovascular exercise and free weights. The Enchanted Forest also offers self-defense classes, personal training, massage and programs for special needs children. Exercise enthusiasts seeking an option outside of the gym might be interested in some of the local sports clubs in Nosara. The Nosara Running Club was founded by experienced international and national level runner, Teodoro Prestinary, and allows runners of all levels to explore the nature of Costa Rica by foot. The Nosara Running Club takes runners from beginner to advanced levels on 5 mile to 10+ mile runs through the different terrain of Nosara.

TENNIS: The Nosara Tennis Club was started over 20 years ago by local Nosara residents who had a love for the game of Tennis and needed a place to play. The club has 2 hard courts located near La Luna in Playa Pelada. The courts are supported and maintained by the annual fees collected from its members. The Nosara Tennis Club holds one tournament per year (usually in February) and has “Round Robin” play every Saturday at 6:30am barring any rain the night before.


HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS: Often overlooked as a form of exercise is horseback riding, which requires balance and coordination using core muscles to stay centered on the horse. Playa Ponies founded by Carrie Anderson is located in Playa Pelada and offers riding lessons to both children and adults. When asked about the exercise benefits of horseback riding, Carrie responded with this statement, “A well trained rider uses their entire body to communicate with their horse which uses a lot of your core muscles, and just ask anyone who has taken riding lessons how their legs felt the next day!”

Contact information:
• Nosara workout: 2682-0570
• L’acua Viva: 2682-1087
• Enchanged forest: 2682-0621
• Nosara running club: www.nosararunningclub.com
• Nosara Tennis Club: Beverly Kitson at
2682-0091 or Peter Burke at 2682-0102
• Playa Ponies visit their website at www.playaponies.com






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