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Security Council Playas de Nosara


We wanted to take this time to acknowledge everyone, people and businesses, who supported our efforts this past year. It is because of your financial commitment to our cause of a safer and more secure Playas de Nosara that we have made our community safer and better than it would have been without our efforts.

Your donations were used to pay rent, electricity, phone and water bills of the Tourism Police Stations well as to build an armoire to keep weapons, pay phone bills, build a septic tank and build a wall to avoid flooding of the Nosara police station. (Fuerza Publica de Nosara). In addition, community contributions have paid the cost of having a guard from High Tech Security at the main entrance to Playa Guiones during July and August.

One of the future objectives is video surveillance at strategic points on our roads with signs posted that you are entering a video-monitored area. This serves several purposes: 1) we will have the recordings to review as we need to establish a time line for possible crimes 2) any would be criminals will know they are being watched and think twice about working our neighborhoods instead of other towns without surveillance, and 3) we will have license plate information as well as pictures of people in cars if needed.

Other Objectives:
The construction of the Nosara Police station is still on its course. The lot has been donated by the Asociacion de Desarollo Integral de Nosara and a Surveyor from the Ministerio de Seguridad came to take measurements. The next steps will be the registration of the lot at the Nacional Register, getting estimates from three Builders, and finalize financing by a governmental association. It is a slow process but we are on our way, hoping to have it done within a year.

A patrol car, promised about one year ago, is in the final stages of registration.

We are looking forward to another great and secure high season. However, we are running out of funds and are once again asking for your generous donations now so that we can plan for the season. Thanks to everyone who worked with us for a safer Playas de Nosara. Also, we look forward to increasing our community base to include those who have not yet participated in making Playas de Nosara a better place to live and work. Your contribution is a small investment towards the protection of the local community, our visitors and our investments.

Contact [email protected], 2682-0130.

Read the complete report here.


More Community News

Nosara Pre-school has New Bathrooms

• Before, kids had to trek across the muddy school yard for a bathroom
• Construction cost were $2000

The Surfing Nosara Foundation (SNF) is proud to announce the completion of its fourth major project for 2010. This October, the preschoolers of Serapio Lopez Elementary School began utilizing the new bathroom facilities within their classroom, built with materials donated by SNF and parent labor. More>

Samara Police Will Relocate

A lot located next to the Servicentro gas station is being donated by the owner of the gas station, Roberto Suarez Villalobos for the relocation of the Samara Police station. According to Miguel Gomez, secretary of the Integral Development Association of Samara, an inspection of the property was performed by the police... More >


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