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Quartet Tugs At Nosara's Heart Strings

by Giordano Ciampini

After years in the waiting, Nosarans finally got a chance to watch and listen to classical music in a live, open-air concert at the Del Mar Academy this past Saturday January 5th. The results were a resounding applause and a new appetite for classical arrangements.

Del Mar Academy students were the first up to take the stage, led by their professor; The students have been going back and forth to Nicoya to take part in the SINEM school's classes in the canton capital. They marched out in single-file, instruments tucked under their arms, and began to play for the crowd. A pair of tunes were turned out to the crowd, which clapped in earnest following the brief recital.

The crowd was far from the stereotypical aristocratic music aficionado paired to classical music. Folks from all walks of life, creeds, ethnicities and socioeconomic class were present to hear the lilting sounds emanating from flowing fingertips across string and wood; First-time listeners and lifelong lovers of classical sound were equally impressed with the performance.


“So nice to have culture and real music for once,” said Jerry Agee. “Just a real, good change from popular music. It's something different here in town, and these guys were just fantastic.” Agee's companion Quen Koetter agreed, adding that “it was great to get the community together.

“I'm content,” said organizer Gerardo Brenes. “I'm very contented and happy because lots of people came and the presentation was excellent, we sold all of the food that we brought, and raised money for the project; We feel especially happy because we see so many Costa Rican families here as well.”

Dozens of families were able to make it out to the concert, which got under way shortly before sunset. Although there were some kids itching to expend their energy stores, quite a few children were surprisingly content to sit and listen as the quartet effortlessly played their music, lulling the crowd into a tranquil place.

“Everything was great,” said Chandy Cabalceta Lopez. “It was very interesting, because I have heard classical music before in other ways, but this was my first time seeing it in concert.”

Cabalceta wants his children to become interested in music. His partner, Page Sieffert, believes that at least one child took a real liking to the sounds of the afternoon. “I think there's an interest,” said Sieffert. “Look at Sebastian, my son, he was just staring wide-eyed the whole time, he just loved it.”

“It's something special to hear classical music,” said concertgoer Kristin Blechinger. “I hope that it's not just the first, but also not the last time I hear this sort of concert here in Nosara.”


More entertainment news

Nosara Fiestas Will Include Guanacaste MotoCross Championship

Nosara’s popular fiestas are fast approaching and this year there are some new additions.  One of the most exciting is the construction of a motocross track next to the bull ring. 

VON Astro From January 18th to January 25Changes

The movement of Mercury into Aquarius on the 18th ushers in change and illumination.

PachaMama Aims to Unite Families with 5-Day Music Festival

Five days of music, dance and yoga will liven up the riverbank beside Rio Rosario in Pachamama (20 minutes west of Nosara) during the La Familia (the family) festival from January 23 to 27. 

Bobo’s Burger House Opens in Nicoya

A new burger joint aims to bring the beach to the city of Nicoya, according to owner Janet Park-Brogan, a Canadian who lives in Samara beach.  Bobo’s Burger House opened on December 7th, located 100 meters south of the municipal building.

Garza’s Italian Love Affair

For homemade Italian dishes, check out Sol y Mar restaurant in Garza. Partners Yuri Speca and Chiara Casalegno offer typical Italian dishes with both northern and southern flavours, ranging from familiar pizzas to pasta dishes and grilled or baked fish.

2013 Nosara Fiestas Mix Old Faves and New Activities

Gearing up for another round of popular fiestas, to be held Tuesday, January 22 to Monday, January 28th, new features have been added to the traditional lineup, according to Marcos Avila, president of the Nosara Integral Development Association. 

Pacifico Azul’s New Spot

The seafood restaurant Pacifico Azul is now located in Guiones in the space formerly occupied by Honali across from Mini Super Delicias del Mundo.

VON Astro From January 8th to January 17
New Beginnings

When Venus moves into Capricorn on the 8th, our sights turn to what we would like to make manifest. Our love becomes strong and goal oriented and we question whether the means will justify the ends.

Costa Brava Opens in Samara

On December 15, Roger Viau of Ottawa, Canada opened a new international bar and restaurant called Costa Brava across from the entrance to Matapalo.  The menu features many American favorites from hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken wings to ribs, filet and top sirloin.  Prices range from 1600 colones ($3.20) for a hot dog to 7100 colones ($14.20) for top sirloin.

Belly Dancing in the Jungle!  

A few years ago, I arrived in Costa Rica excited to walk the beach, excited to hear the monkeys in the morning, excited to try my luck on my second hand surf board, which stays stored in a friend’s bodaga and excited to attend yoga classes.

Free International Film Fest Presented January 7 to 10 in Samara

Delve into other cultures and countries during four evenings of free international movies at Intercultura in Samara starting at 7 p.m. from Monday, January 7th to Thursday, January 10th. 

Pelada’s Favourite Bar Gets a Facelift

Olga’s Bar, the well-loved local spot in Pelada Beach, has recently undergone a change of ownership.  New owner Mateo Silvan, a French native, reopened Olga’s in early December.  “Everything on the menu is still the same, but we’ve changed our times, so we’re now open for service longer,” he said.  Olga’s is now serving from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily.


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