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Locals Act it Up for Library Fundraiser
By Fritz Elmedorf
Photos by Peter Gilman

The annual Kitson Library fundraiser this year afforded a cast of locals the opportunity to explore their inner Thespians, and a night of fun was enjoyed by all.

Ninety-year old Buzzy Maxwell was a standout as Willie Clark, with Don Savage ably reprising the role of Al Lewis in Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys. While it’s a long road from Nosara to Broadway, many of the cast members were talking about a future for live theater here.

Carolyn Fainmel showed heart as Clark’s devoted but frustrated niece and agent, trying to reunite the two aging vaudevillians for a reprise performance after a 43 year stage career left the men embittered toward each other.

The production started as a simple reading of the play, but during six weeks of preparation it strived toward larger status, according to Director Kim Shook. Excellent acoustics and a beautiful setting were provided by the new clubhouse at Selvamar.

A variety of supporting roles were filled by Micki Savage, Dain Shook, Kathy Santeiro, AnnMarie Ermatinger, Peter Burke, Robert Emmet Lunney and Jan Maxwell.

According to Alice Olsen, who coordinated the event, “The dinner theatre netted $5,000 after all costs were covered. This constitutes 1/6 of the Library’s annual budget. A grant from Amigos de Nosara adds another $5,000, specifically to cover the salary and costs of the part-time assistant librarian; and the Patrons of the Library, that is, the group of major supporters who give at least $200 per year in support of the budget, have contributed a total of $10,000 to date. Thus, we have in hand $20,000 toward the $30,000 total needed for the budget. We continue to look for additional donors to help us meet our ambitious budget goal of $30,000”.

For years local residents have donated generously to create and sustain the local library. Established in 1996, and located since 2005 in its new building near the airport entrance, the library provides a wide selection of books and reference works in English and Spanish. It has been a well-visited resource for local students and others using the computers or needing a good read.


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