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"Alas de Arte" is Nosara's New Cultural House

By Irina Guzmán
Photos by Adam Dietrich

The town of Nosara know has a multicultural meeting place where you can learn while having fun with a variety of interesting activities related to art. It's called "Alas de Arte" (Wings of Art).

"Alas is a sensation of freedom of art that one feels as a kid that is included in your body without having to think. Through art, you learn everything. For children, art is something everyday—all the time, they are drawing, painting, playing with their body," said Maya Sol Gutierrez Barbier, founder.

The doors of the house are open to the public with the idea of filling the needs of the community's children, adolescents and adults to develop their hidden artistic abilities. Alas de Arte offers space for workshops of early stimulation, percussion, guitar and English.

The workshops have different schedules and ages. The early stimulation workshop is from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon for children between the ages of 2 and 4. They are taught music, yoga, English, art, painting, drawing, physical education and introduction to reading.

On Wednesdays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., children can accompany adults to the percussion workshop to share and be entertained for a while. In addition, guitar classes will be opened for children older than 9; the day and time isn't confirmed yet.

For Gutierrez, the focus is on developing children's character and body coordination, promoting a high self-esteem and teaching them to think creatively, promoting confidence, decision-making ability and paying more attention to the physical space that surrounds them.

Alas de Arte wants to offer a serene environment without social or academic competition or discrimination when it comes to participation. The objective is that each child feels important, useful, happy and unique, according to Maria Jose Gonzalez Ciliano, president of the Alas de Arte Association.

Alas de Arte is a nonprofit cultural house administered by the Alas de Arte Association, which is composed of parents united by a common interest.

Some of the children that attend the workshops pay a small voluntary fee, and the other part are students who have scholarships or whose parents are providing some service to the cultural house in exchange.

"What we need is that people show their interests, that they approach us and say: I can give classes (some workshop), I want to take classes. The idea is to give workshops that the community needs. It functions for the town and by the town. The education is for everyone and is a right of everyone," said Gonzalez.

People who want to participate, offering ideas, teaching or collaborating with donations can communicate with Maya Gutierrez, 8619-2102, or with Maria Gonzalez, 8946-6150. Alas de Arte is located next to Rancho Tico in Nosara.

Alas de Arte founder, Maya Sol Gutierrez Barbier, affirms that we learn through art: drawing, painting and playing.


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