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Top 5 Hairstyles for this Summer

By Arianna McKinney with collaboration from hair stylist Sandra Baltodano Juarez
Photos by Giordano Campini

1. Skeleton Braid
Braids are perfect for hat lovers and for wearing helmets on a motorcycle or scooter. Use three sections of hair like a French braid, keeping the central section fixed as you gather strands from the sides only to weave into the braid. After you tie off the braid, pin it under and loosen the lower portion of the braid gently with your fingers. Tip: If you have frizzy hair, iron the front of your hair before beginning the braid.

  2. S-Braid
Very popular for graduations, this braid is great for informal jungle parties. Part hair on one side and start with a triangular section of hair. Begin a normal braid but weave in hair from above and below rather than from the sides. At the ear, begin weaving in hair only from below. Pin up the tail of the braid to hide it if desired.

3. Crazy Combo
An easy style that you can do yourself, this trendy look is a hybrid between formal and fun. Pull the top portion of your hair into a ponytail but leave the front bangs free. Fold the ponytail under and pull it up through itself. Then roll it and pin it into a bun. Part and tease the front of your hair and then cover the top of the bun with it. Pin sections of hair up around the bun to complete the style.

  4. Lovely Loops
Formal and elegant for jungle weddings, this style can be as intricate as you want by creating more loops and adding adornments such as flowers and pearls. Divide your hair into two ponytails, one above the other. Starting from the bottom, select a small section of hair, roll it under into a loop and pin it. Continue this process until all of the hair in both ponytails is roll and pinned into place. Add adornments as desired.

5. Wrapped Ponytail
When you're on the run in the jungle, this simple but elegant ponytail is just the ticket. Smooth hair back or to the side and tie it into a ponytail. Select a small section of hair from the base of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie, pinning it in place. As a variation, you can divide the ponytail into two sections, twist them around each other and secure with an elastic band.


More entertainment news

End the Year with Samara’s Fiestas

Bid farewell to 2012 and ring in 2013 at the civic fiestas in Samara from Thursday, December 27th to Tuesday, January 1st.  

VON Astro from December 23 to December 31
Full Moon Rising

When the full moon arrives in the early morning hours of the 28th, the tides come rushing in. 
Revel in the chaos, but tread softly, and protect what matters most.

This Weekend Fashion and Rodeo in Nosara

Saturday December 22nd, Nosara is invited to the Costa Spirit FASHION SHOW at FISH BAR in Café de Paris, with the band ALPHEBETICS.

Celtic Music Visits Nosara

This Friday, December 21, the Nosara Yoga Institute will offer a Celtic music show to benefit SIBU and the Nosara Recycling Association.

Nicoyan Lights Burn Bright For Christmas

The people of Nicoya brought out all the stops to make this Christmas one of the brightest around, including inflatable displays, hundreds of light bulbs, and traditional nativity scenes done in ways anything but traditional.

Tamales for All Occasions

In the month of December, it is tradition for family and friends to get together and make huge batches of tamales to eat and to share.

VON Astro from December 17 to December 23
Winter Solstice

The winter solstice occurs on 21st. Take a moment to in reverence or ritual, acknowledging the turning of the hands of time.

How to Be a Lady in the Jungle

Summer is here! Along with the clear blue skies comes an ardent desire to get outside and enjoy. Of course, being outside here in the jungle has its challenges: dust, heat, sweat, rough terrain. But living in the jungle doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of glamour.

Nicoyans Celebrate Canton And Christmas

Nicoyans were out showing their Christmas colours at the celebrations this past Friday December 7th, where crowds came out to give some cheer, dance, and parade for the naming of the canton.

Nosarans Pack Streets For Xmas Parade

"Nosarans were treated to a colorful display this past Saturday December 8th, as the Nosara High School Christmas Festival kicked off with a series of “bangs”, followed by floats, music, and dance."

VON Astro from December 3 to December 9Decisions and New Moon Beginnings

During the second week of the month we come into close contact with our destiny.

VON Astro from December 3 to December 9
Keeping up with the Pace

As December begins the pace is powerful, and our desires are pouring in, fast and furious.

Nicoya Will Glow With The Festival Of Light

Lights, drums, lyres and other instruments of bands and young cheerleaders will invade the colonial city on Friday, December 7, in what will be the next edition of the Festival of Light, Nicoya Shines 2012, considered the most anticipated holiday parade by Nicoyans.

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