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Advertorial: MediSmart launches benefit in strategic stores with exclusive member discounts

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Fighting sicknesses is important to staying healthy, but it’s not the only thing. Another key is dedicating time to ourselves, sharing with loved ones, taking care of mental health and having venues for entertainment.

Enjoying comprehensive health “takes into account that we have well-being in all the aspects that make us a ‘complete being,’ such as physical, mental, emotional and social aspects,” explained the general manager of the MediSmart Medical Plan, Johanny Berdugo.

ClubSmart is MediSmart’s additional service, which is designed precisely for people to have completely comprehensive health.

What does ClubSmart include?

Everyone who is part of the medical plan will be able to enjoy discounts in different businesses, hotels, restaurants, stores and other services. There is no additional cost to belong to the club for those who are already part of MediSmart.

These discounts allow our members to have multiple opportunities to have fun, enjoy and even take care of health aspects that sometimes we don’t give so much importance to,” explained Berdugo.

Through the club, people can enjoy discounts on services such as opticians, beach hotels, alternative medicine, medical imaging, laboratories, restaurants, entertainment and recreation venues, beauty centers, personal trainer services, gyms and more.

Photo: Raphael Lovaski

Currently, more than 60 establishments are part of ClubSmart. These businesses are in addition to the more than 1,000 medical services offered by MediSmart.

These alliances offer Costa Ricans benefits and activities that give access to a healthy and comprehensive life, hand in hand with the most robust medical plan on the market, with the greatest diversity of services for its members,” said Berdugo.

Simple Savings

Enjoying ClubSmart discounts is simple. All you have to do is present your ID card together with your MediSmart virtual card at the affiliated business. It’s that easy to automatically receive the established prices.

The complete list of affiliated businesses is available at For more information about the club and MediSmart services, call 2211-4444.