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The Voice of Guanacaste is the first nonprofit, bilingual newspaper in Costa Rica, whose stories and investigations are published in both print and online. Our objective is to provide through quality journalism a voice to communities that rarely are represented in national media.

Every day, a team of reporters, editors, designers, and professional photographers inform our readers with quality and professionalism, working hand-in-hand with the support of our community networks. Together, we denounce the unjust, reveal the responsible actors, and above all, connect communities and make them visible in every corner of the region.

The Voice of Guanacaste was founded in 2002 as The Voice of Nosara. More than just a newspaper, we were a printed bulletin with news from the region. In 2006, John S. Johnson and his wife Susan Short (U.S. citizens who fell in love with Costa Rica and who believe in the importance of local news) acquired the newspaper with the aim of providing continuity to the project, which was facing closure. Beginning in 2010, as a means to respond to our readers’ demands, we began to publish news from Nosara’s neighboring communities.

Thanks to the support of local businesses, financing from the Johnsons and our faithful readership, the newspaper has continued to grow. In 2013, we became The Voice of Guanacaste, providing vital information to communities across the province.

With the goal of maintaining editorial integrity and independence, in 2015, The Voice of Guanacaste became a nonprofit organization.


The Voice of Guanacaste is the only regional newspaper in Costa Rica that produces investigative and data journalism. We have experience conducting investigations on matters of health, the environment, gender, politics, sports and real estate. We also created applications based on data analyzed by our team (see our Water App, Elections App, and our PIAGG App).


To become a benchmark in Guanacaste by fostering progress in communities through responsible and innovative journalism.


We produce ethical, participatory and quality journalism with a commitment to uniting and providing exposure to communities to promote their development.

What communities do we represent today?

We currently cover news from Santa Cruz, Tamarindo, Nosara, Sámara, Nicoya, Hojancha and Liberia. We also maintain a presence in Carrillo, Nandayure, La Cruz, Bagaces and Cañas. Our goal is to actively cover the entire province of Guanacaste by 2020.


Our Board of Directors

President- Emiliana Garcia. Emiliana has worked as a TV and Radio producer until 2007 when she took over, redesigned and expanded the newspaper La Voz de Guanacaste where she currently works as Executive Director. She is one of the Costa Rican ambassador of the non profit Chicas Poderosas, a community of journalists, editors, data coders, and designers working to bring Latin American women into the forefront of digital journalism.

Secretary- John S. Johnson. John S. Johnson is founder and chairman of Harmony Labs. He is also founder of Eyebeam, a studio for collaborative experiments with technology and art, Screenwriters Colony, a retreat and workshop for emerging media writers, and the Almanack Arts Colony, a multi-disciplinary artist retreat.  Johnson also co-founded BuzzFeed and was a founding investor in the Huffington Post. He has written, produced, and directed two feature films, Without a Trace: June 10, 1979 (1991), and Ratchet (1996). In 2003, Johnson was a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute. Most recently  he received a master’s degree in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences from Columbia University.

Treasurer Mercedes Agüero R. Graduated from the School of Communication, UCR Mercedes worked for 22 years for Grupo Nación where she worked as a journalist in the area of public services, telecommunications, economics, politics and in the last four years she was part of the Data Intelligence and Research. She is currently chief editor of the morning news section at SINART TV.

Fiscal- Giannina Segnini is a Costa Rican journalist who has won several international awards for her work at La Nación and on independent investigations. Segnini specializes in investigative and data journalism, and currently teaches at Columbia University’s journalism program in New York. Segnini provides crucial support for our investigations.

Vocal- Diego Delfino is Costa Rican journalist and writer Diego Delfino is widely known as director of the website delfino.cr and for his work as editor-in-chief of the magazine Su Casa.

Vocal- Steve Mack Attorney and editor from the United States. He worked for The Tico Times for several years. Mack lives in Costa Rica and is director of the nongovernmental organization Guanacaste Community Fund (Fondo Comunitario de Guanacaste), which seeks to connect financial resources with human resources. Mack will help us during our first steps as an NGO.


Cyntia Briceño worked at La Nación for nine years and is currently the director of communications at Zona de Prensa.

Ethel Araya Chavez Graduated as an economist from the UCR, she is currently the Manager of Community Projection and Sustainability for Harmony Projects in Nosara where she coordinates various initiatives and supports local organizations. Ethel is part of the Board of Directors of the Nosara Civic Association, the Nosara Recycling Association and member of the Hojancha-Nicoya and Nandayure Territorial Council of INDER.

Alejandro Fernández Sanabria. He worked in the research unit with data in Univision Noticias and for digital media Injustice Watch. He holds a master’s degree in public policy analysis from the University of Chicago and is a lawyer graduated from the UCR. He co-founded the first political fact-checking platform in Spanish in Central America and the US. He worked in the weekly El Financiero (Costa Rica), where he won a Data Journalism Award (2015) and obtained an honorable mention of the Pío Víquez National Journalism Prize (2018).

Hulda Miranda

Journalist and editor for the investigation unit of national newspaper Semanario Universidad. Graduated from UCR where she currently studies law. She worked for La Nación mostly covering judicial news.


Claire Hoffman

Is a writer living between Los Angeles and Nosara, Guanacaste, working for national magazines, covering culture, celebrity, religion and business. She was formerly a staff reporter for the Los Angeles Times and a freelance reporter for the New York Times. She has a masters degree in religion from the University of Chicago, and a masters degree in journalism from Columbia University. She serves on the board of her family foundation, the Goldhirsh Foundation, as well as the Columbia Journalism School and nonprofit newsroom ProPublica.

Alejandra Vargas Morera

Scientific and environmental journalist, she has interviewed more than 40 Nobel prizes, was editor of Univision Planeta and editor of Science, Health, Art and Technology in Aldea Global magazine. Alejandra has received awards and scholarships from organizations with international recognition such as the Poynter Institute of Journalism, the Knight Center and the New Journalism Foundation, among others. She won the National Prize of Scientific Journalism in Costa Rica and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Natural Resources Management with an emphasis in Environmental Management. She received the Ortega y Gassett 2017 prize and the Robert F. Kennedy 2017 prize. She is the founder and ambassador of Chicas Poderosas.

Hulda Miranda Picado

She is a journalist and research editor at the newspaper Semanario Universidad. She graduated from the University of Costa Rica where she also currently studies Law. Hulda worked for several years in the newspaper La Nación, mainly covering the judicial field of the country.

Hassel Fallas

Editor and journalist dedicated to the management of digital projects based on investigative journalism, database analysis and visualization. Consultant and teacher in Latin America, United States, Spain and South Africa. She directs the Data Analysis workshop for Latin American journalists, as well as the storytelling and data visualization course of the Digital Journalism Training Center of the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Hassel directed the Data Intelligence Unit of La Nación, Costa Rica.

Álvaro Murillo Murillo:

Álvaro Murillo Murillo works as journalist for the Semanario Universidad and a frequent contributor to El País and Deutshe Welle newspapers. He worked for La Nación for 15 years. Álvaro obtained his studies in Communication at the University of Costa Rica. He also completed a master's degree in International Relations at the Ortega y Gasset Institute, and obtained a master's degree in Journalism from the joint program of the University of Barcelona and the University of Columbia. He has also worked as a journalism professor at the University of Costa Rica and the Universidad Latina.


Randall Romero

Publicist, co-founder of 1naDigital Agency. He has worked as creative director for brands of various categories, including media. Randall currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he receives training in Data Science and Digital Marketing.

Carlos Gómez

Designer, co-founder of 1naDigital Agency. He has been an art director for various brands and media, national and regional. Although his early works were in print media, during the past years Carlos has been focusing on design for digital media, most recently a special focus on design for user experience (UX).

Diego Martínez

Is co-founder of Loud Digital Consulting, which works on training and executing digital strategy for brands in Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama and Ecuador. He directs the Digital Marketing program of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC), as well as trainer of the CICAP of the UCR, Chamber of Industries and Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica. He has a master's degree in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce from the University of Barcelona.

Fernando Arce

Is the founder of Storytellers ST and is currently working in consulting on creative strategy and experience design. Fernando has more than 8 years of experience working with start-ups, social innovation and business growth in Latin America. He runs the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) in Costa Rica and is co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of ASECRI (Association of Entrepreneurs of Costa Rica), Ideas en Acción and the Dress Your Rights Foundation. He directed I Entrepreneur for more than 4 years and is an international speaker. He is also the president of the San José Hub of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

Lucía Rodríguez

Publicist by profession, marketer by passion. She has worked for international brands such as Lucky Strike, Red Bull and Selina. Avid reader who enjoys writing and sharing knowledge from her blog, she teaches marketing in university classrooms and works as a business coach and independent consultant.

Alejandro Egea Alfaro

Co-founder of HALO CEO-on-demand, Alejandro specializes in leading processes of growth, transformation and strategic- operational consolidation in private and social organizations. Passionate about solving team challenges that produce a sustainable economic and social impact; through strategic planning with an innovative approach, constant learning and a high component of personal and professional growth.


Karina Salguero-Moya

Philologist, communicator and Master in Business Administration. She has been the director of Magazines and Supplements of Grupo Nación. Curator for the International Book Fair of Costa Rica and for the Film Festival. In addition, she is co-editor of international magazines such as: 'Orsai', 'Rara', 'The Fanzine Tolva' and is a consultant for 'Itch' magazine. He is part of the Administrative Board and the Foundation of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MADC). Karina belongs to the advisory committee of the Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID). She is a member of Junta de Teatro Espressivo.

José Díaz

Costa Rican photographer, he began his career in Photographic Arts Sciences at the Alajuela University College (CUNA). His work as a photojournalist has been widely seen in the newspaper La Nación covering topics from politics, economics, science to sports, events and entertainment, as well as in specialized publications such as Fisheye, National Geographic and in the contemporary photography site LensCulture.


José Miguel Alfaro

Is founder of the legal firm SEED that focuses on providing advice to small business, startups, social companies and non-governmental organizations. SEED has been providing legal advice in a pro-bono way to La Voz during 2019. Jose Miguel coordinates legal matters oriented to social and eco-friendly businesses in corporate matters, transactions, hiring, litigation, intellectual property, migration and real estate.


Cynthia Castro Villalobos

Co Founder of Boomerang Effect. Businesswoman, psychologist and activist for gender equality and sustainable human development. Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum. Consultant for UN Women. International speaker for World Economic Forum, Youth Forum Switzerland, Tedxllorentewomen, TedxPuraVidaJoven, Voces Vitales Centroamérica, among others. Vice President of the Fruktus Foundation and member of the CRUSA Foundation, CINDE, Ideas en Acción and the Social Innovation Board of the Government of Costa Rica 2014-2018. She was a partner and director of RBA, Executive Director of the ALAS Association, Arcus Recruitment Manager and professor at the Universidad Latina.

Lauren Díaz Arias

Is from the county of Tilarán, Guanacaste. Founder and executive director of the Nueva Oportunidad Foundation, an organization that designs integral procedure for the social reinsertion of inmates in society. She has studies in administration, law, criminology, human security and legal-criminal sociology, as well as a specialization in innovation and is currently pursuing an international certification in Project Management focused on development projects. She teaches at the School of Administration of the National University. In 2013, she was selected by the IDB as one of the most innovative young people in Latin America. Lauren is Ashoka Fellow, certified integral coach and Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum.

Our editorial team

María Fernanda Cruz- Executive Director

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Noelia Esquivel Solano - Editor

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José Pablo Román - Journalist

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César Arroyo Castro- Photo Editor

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Roberto Cruz Alpízar- Graphic Producer

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Rubén Román - Audience Coordinator

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Our commercial team

Jennifer Vega - Commercial Manager

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