How are we funded?

Between 2006 and 2010, the publication covered news in the community of Nosara and was primarily financed through the sale of advertising. In 2010, with the launch of the first web page, and until the end of 2012, costs nearly doubled. During this time, digital advertising was not popular, and the need arose for more private financing.

In 2013, taking into account the successful results in Nosara and analyzing the need to have a local, high-quality news organization, The Voice of Guanacaste was born along with a new digital site. The project expanded to include news coverage throughout the province of Guanacaste while maintaining our commitment to independent journalism. The sale of advertising space continued to be part of the funding strategy with the rest financed by the Johnson family, our largest donor.

In 2015 the Johnson family decided to transform The Voice of Guanacaste into a nonprofit organization with the goal of continuing our work in an independent fashion and improving the prospect of financial sustainability by making it possible to receivedonations from other sources.

The Voice of Guanacaste funded operations in 2018 by: Advertising sales in the print and digital editions (13.2%), sell of merchandising, services and events (2.6%), membership (0.5), grants (29.8%), and private donations (53.8%).

Expenses that year were distributed in salaries (46.9%), payroll taxes (30%), operations (11.4%), and administration (11.7%).

Quality journalism endures, thanks to you

If you believe covering the news in the province of Guanacaste with quality and professionalism is important, as well as producing journalism that helps you make important decisions, denouncing the unjust and revealing those who are responsible, then please help support our mission.

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