Carrillo Municipality to Move All Purchasing to Digital Platform

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Starting in June, all purchases by the Carrillo Municipality will be made via Mer-Link, a digital public purchasing platform managed by the state-owned company Radiográfica Costarricense (Racsa).


This means that all providers that want to sell goods or services to the municipality should register on the platform and submit bids there.


The bad news is that if you are a provider, you’ll have to go to Mer-Link’s offices in San José to register. After that, all transactions can be done via the website.


For the municipality, the good news is that it can receive bids from more providers. Because it’s an online platform, competition will increase as more people learn of calls for bidding and other needs announced by the institution.

According to a statement on it’s website, the municipality in coming months will train business owners who want to continue as providers.