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Four Arrested in Nosara for Gold Scam and Two for Theft

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At the beginning of June, after receiving several reports of a scam from multiple towns, including Samara, Hojancha and Nosara, the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (Court Police OIJ) was able to apprehend four suspects with the help of the Nosara Public Force, including three women and one man.

The scam artists went to houses promising to give people appliances or TVs in exchange for their gold jewelry, but when given the jewelry they would “test” them first for authenticity, putting them in an acid so that the items would vanish, supposedly because they were not real gold. “They hid them,” affirmed OIJ Chief Luis Eduardo Jimenez Ruiz.

The women apprehended included a Nicaraguan with last names Labios Barba, a Colombian with last names Payan Valaresco and a Costa Rican with last names Serrano Gutierrez, and the man has the last names Candelo Caicedo, from Colombia. Victims were able to identify three of the four suspects, who were given three-month prison sentences. Serrano Gutierrez was set free but is being watched closely and may yet be identified by other victims, according to Jimenez.

In addition, Jimenez reported that two individuals were sentenced to three months of preventive prison for theft in Nosara.