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Los Angeles Neighborhood Inaugurates Lighting for Soccer Field

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Youths from the Los Angeles neighborhood in Nicoya can now play soccer at night thanks to a municipal project that was coordinated with the local development association.

The lighting was inaugurated on March 14 and includes 20 lamps with 1,000 volts each, distributed on four posts. The project cost an estimated ₡14 million ($28,000).

According to Marvin Jimenez, president of the development association in Los Angeles, it is an important project for the community, and in the second phase the plaza will be fenced in. “This was a process we have been completing since last year and we were able to install the lighting. Fencing in the field is still pending for the second phase, which would cost ₡7 million ($14,000).”

The inauguration of the lighting at the soccer field marks a starting point for a project underway by the municipality in coordination with community development associations. According to Oliver Perez, spokesperson for the Nicoya municipality, there are six fields more that will be lit: Pedernal, Pueblo Viejo, Moracia, Caballito, San Martin de Nosara and Loma Bonita. The projects will cost the municipality a total of ₡100 million ($200,000), and one field’s lighting will be inaugurated each week throughout April.

Officials present for the inauguration included Nicoya’s mayor, Marco Jimenez, Congressman Luis Antonio Aiza, who facilitated the preparation of the project, Municipal Council Member Rodolfo Orozco and Syndics Roman Cascante and Olga Chavarria.