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Nosara’s High Season Brings Art Fair

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The Nosara Artisans are hosting an art exhibition called Nosara Artisans Holiday Art Fair, which will take place on December 14th from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Gilded Iguana in Guiones.

During the afternoon, some 30 artisans will be selling art and handmade crafts, including works of pottery, wood, fabric, jewelry, paintings, etc., as well as food and drinks.

In the holiday spirit, Nosara Artisans and Gilded Iguana are teaming together to raise funds for Nosara Animal Care through the sale of art, holiday ornaments and ceramic pet tags.

The group, which holds art fairs once a month, was founded by Kristen Brousseau and Emma Kinsey, who specialize in ceramics.

For his part, Englishman Paul Da Costa has also organized a new group called Arte Nosara to establish an artistic and cultural meeting place. Arte Nosara will host various activities including exhibitions, concerts, and dances, both to boost local talent as well as to bring a series of prominent artists to the district. Da Costa plans to hold their first expo in January.

According to Da Costa, “We want to include all artistic disciplines such as music, art, design, dance, theater, among others, as well as marketing other events happening in the community, and to help promote Nosara as a cultural center.”

Da Costa indicated that the group intends to involve local artists, photographers and sculptors, among others.  “We want to invite artists from outside of Nosara and therefore have some feedback from art organizations in San Jose. In the future it would be great for Nosara Artisans to sponsor local artists,” he concluded.

Clarification: This article has been updated because the previous version included information from two different artisan groups with similar names as if they were one group. In reality there are two groups, Nosara Artisans organized by Kristen Brousseau and Emma Kinsey and Arte Nosara organized by Paul Da Costa. We apologize for the confusion.