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Santa Cruz Healthcare Center denies that all tests for Covid-19 are done at home

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Home testing for COVID-19 in Santa Cruz is only done for people who are highly susceptible to infections or if their health condition requires it. However, less suspicious cases may go to the local healthcare center for medical attention.

A post on Facebook social network ensures that if a person has symptoms of coronavirus, they can call the Santa Cruz Healthcare Center to have equipped personnel sent to take a sample.

The local health area director, Luis Alonso Matarrita, denied this statement and clarified that the health personnel perform home testing only in high-risk situations. For example, doctors who have had direct contact with suspected or confirmed cases for COVID-19.

“Information as it is told can be misleading. We carried out a lot of home tests at the beginning of the pandemic, but for very specific cases,” Matarrita explained.

“Good morning!

If you think you are showing symptoms of coronavirus in the whole canton of Santa Cruz you can call the following numbers where you will be directed and an equipped person will be sent to take a sample, please DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME THEY WILL SEND SOMEONE!

2680-8686 Doctor Retana

2680-0435 Doctor Matarrita

2680-4146 Emergencies Santa Cruz


The director explained that carrying out all the tests at home is not a viable option for the health center, as it does not have enough resources to send teams from one house to the other.

If a person feels that they have severe symptoms of the flu, such as high fever, coughing, or breathing problems, they can go to the Santa Cruz Healthcare Center. According to its director, the clinic has opened a new medical office in the back of the building. 

“If a person with flu symptoms arrives, they are referred to this area, even if we identify people who come to the emergency room with symptoms of the virus, they are sent to this section and if necessary, their sample is taken there,” he remarked.

The National Helpline 

At a national level, the authorities have enabled line 1322 to clarify inquiries and explain the symptoms of COVID-19. People who have any questions or suspected symptoms of the virus can call and be instructed on what to do.

The population must call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency. Both services operate 24 hours a day.

The director of Santa Cruz explained that cases from the canton handled by 9-1-1 or 1322, are then reported to the Healthcare Center. “Internally, we see such incidents, analyze the cases and classify them,” Matarrita commented.

Health center phone lines in Santa Cruz currently handle issues such as prescriptions and outpatient care for the elderly people, who are generally more vulnerable to the coronavirus. 

“If someone calls the healthcare center, we will also assist and counsel you if necessary. But we must remember that there are official phone numbers for this,” the director remarked.