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Transformer Insulation Kits Available to Protect Monkeys

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Nosara Wildlife Rescue has been committed for years to the Stop the Shock Campaign to change out the uninsulated power lines to insulated lines. However, this has exposed the last weak link in the protection of our arboreal wildlife electrocuted on these power lines— uninsulated transformers.

A new coalition has been formed between Nosara Wildlife Rescue, CFS Sistemas and ICE, our electric provider. CFS is now selling transformer insulation kits through Nosara Wildlife Rescue that can be installed for free by ICE. The kit costs $350. NWR has waived their commission to lower the price to the purchaser in hopes of covering more transformers and thus saving more lives. Most transformers are shared by several houses, making the cost more affordable.

With the installation of this kit on your local transformer, you will be saving lives, preventing deadly electrocutions on the transformer for years to come. For further information about assessing your transformer needs, please contact either Brenda Bombard (8824-3323) or Vicki Coan (2682-1474).