Young Junior Orozco Sings Rancheras Like the Pros

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Among the pastures and corrals of Rio Naranjo of Bagaces, a young but very talented artist was born. At just 11 years of age, Junior Orozco Lopez has gained the affection of the people of Guanacaste during fiestas, traditional horse parades and any other place where they let him sing.

El Charro Junior, as some call him, discovered his gift thanks to encouragement from his grandfather, Juan Orozco, who didn’t doubt that the child should become a professional singer.

“He started singing songs by Pedro Fernandez and I noticed that he sang them identically. That’s when I decided to make the most of his talent and started promoting him at events like horse parades, bull riding and different festival events. People started to take an interest in him and they contacted me to take him to different concerts,” his grandfather related.

Junior is in sixth grade at his community’s school and since 2010, he devotes his free time to music.

“I started singing while herding calves with my grandfather and I enjoyed singing rancheras. People like ranchera music and I see that they appreciate my songs,” Junior said.

With songs like La de la Mochila Azul (The One With the Blue Backpack), Junior has enlivened events not only in Guanacaste, but also in San Carlos, Guapiles and San Jose, where he sang at Variedades variety theater.

The talented youngster longs to become a professional singer. However, studying is a priority for him, so he dedicates time to both activities. For now, he is working on original songs along with his grandfather to record an album by means of which he hopes to share his music with the entire country.


Those who want to contact him can do so via email: [email protected] or telephone 8514-3798.