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July Astrology Report

By Ashley Laux

As July begins there is a new moon eclipse in the sign of Cancer. Emotions come to a head and we focus on putting your true feelings into action. Seek out opportunities for positivity and growth in relationships. Allow your ideas on commitment to shift and a compromise to be reached. Insecurities and disappointment are possible, so be practical and realize that we may all be feeling extra sensitive right now. Do your best to be compassionate for others, especially those less fortunate than you.

When mental mercury moves into Leo on the 3rd, our communication becomes lively and passionate. Be playful and charismatic. Try to sing, dance and express yourself with color and joy. Funnel aggression into the arts, and avoid drama at all costs.

Venus moves into cancer on the 9th and we desire to cuddle up and get cozy. Spend time around the home, beautifying your surroundings. Nourish yourself with delicious food, and listen to soothing music. Do your best to take care of yourself, and your heart at this time.

The full moon in Carpicorn on the 15th reminds us to continue to move towards our goals. As things culminate, try to meet challenges head on, and remember what all of your striving has been for. The road may be steep, but rewards will be plenty in you can stay the course and follow through with what you have started. Do strength-building exercise to remind yourself of what you are capable of accomplishing when you put your mind to it.

The 28th is a busy day as mercury moves into Virgo and Venus moves into Leo. Our minds become practical and detail oriented, while our hearts become playful and boisterous. These two aspects will challenge you over the next month- to find your balance between the desire to have some fun, and a hyper self-awareness that may cause you to hold yourself back.

When the new moon in Leo arrives on the 30th it is time to get out and about. Gather with friends and socialize. Take in a concert, movie or show. Stay out late, and drink in the moonlight. Celebrate your uniqueness, remembering that there is space in this world for us all to shine.

Many blessings and pura vida!


More Entertainment News

A Simple and Elegant Party

On Saturday, July 9th, a street party organized by Pauline Streenkamer, an interior designer and the owner of the furniture store Simple Elegance, brought the residents and visitors of Nosara together at Streenkamer’s store.

Craft Beer Comes to Costa Rica

What does beer mean for you? Social lubricant? Something to cool off with on those hot afternoons? Or is it a passion like it is for CS and Stefano from the Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Company (CRCB). Christopher Scott Derrick (CS), of Florida, USA, is the master brewer of the fairly new outfit, while Costa Rican Stefano Marín is the assistant brewer at CRCB.

Time To Be Chill
An Interview with actor y film director Liev Schreiber

Liev appeared in Nosara town as if he were already part of the annual tribe of regulars. Forget the big budget movies, the parts opposite Angelina Jolie, or any other element of a film career that has risen impressively in the last decade -- seeing him stroll through town toward the surf contest, you might have thought he was just another man in the Nosara mix.

Paul Da Costa: Much More Than a DJ, An Artist On A Journey

On Thursday nights, if you want to talk to him, it is likely that you would find a line in front of the DJ booth. He is "the only black guy" at Guiones Beach as he addresses himself, unless there is a visiting person in town.

Cañas Seniors Visit Nosara
Fifteen Again

On Friday, June 17, Nosara's David Kitson Library Senior Club hosted a group of sixty seniors from Cañas. More than eighty people in all enjoyed a day of activities that included a morning dance–exercise, a walk at Pelada Beach, lunch, games and a dance show at Rancho Tico.

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