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Advertorial: Banco Popular forms alliance with Guanacaste businesses

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Banco Popular innovated its services with the Punto BP project, which came about as an alternative in which businesses in local communities function as banking operation centers in order to offer more coverage and longer hours to their clients.

“We’ve managed to reach communities where there were no banks with the help of pulperias (convenience stores), bakeries, pharmacies and even stores that sell electronic devices,” said Geanina Solano, manager of the business center in Santa Cruz.

The initiative already benefits 126 businesses throughout the province, which receive ¢350 (about $0.55 cents) for each transaction that they process.

To become affiliated, the merchant needs to be a Banco Popular customer and have a cell phone, tablet or computer where they can install the Punto BP application.

In addition, the bank offers to provide at-home training to those who want to become part of the network.

The services offered by Punto BP include paying credit cards with cash, paying loans with cash, making cash deposits to savings accounts and making cash deposits to checking accounts.

All of the transactions can be done in real time using colones as well as dollars with no additional charge.

In addition, according to Solano, people who use these services receive bank receipts that support the legitimacy of the transaction that they did at the business.

“We also have different benefits for clients. They don’t have to go to the agency to do these banking transactions and, in addition, the hours are extended, so the locations could even  operate on weekends,” the manager details.

To become affiliated with the project, businesses in Nicoya, Santa Cruz, Hojancha, Nandayure and Carrillo can call 2104-4716 or send an email to [email protected].

In Cañas, Liberia, Abangares, La Cruz, Bagaces, Tilaran and Monteverde, in Puntarenas, you can email [email protected] or call 8814-9638 to talk with the person in charge of trainings in the area.

For any other question, Banco Popular has set up the telephone number 2202-2020 and the email address [email protected].