Advertorial: Wood Cabins Built in Hojancha Earthquake-Resistant

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Each year more people choose wood instead of concrete to build their cabin in the mountains or house at the beach. One of the first people to do so was the coach for the men’s national soccer team, Oscar “El Macho” Ramirez, who enjoys his home in Hojancha.

Wood homes offer great versatility and comfort and are also associated with environmental sustainability, as for every cubic meter of wood used, at least one ton of carbon dioxide has been sequestered.

Eco Cabañas Hojancha, a family-run company located in Hojancha, specializes in the design and construction of wood cabins made of teak and Gmelinaharvested from plantations. The wood is dried, smoothened and cured to maximize and guarantee its longevity.The owners, Giovanni Dorati and Yadira, from Hojancha and Abangares respectively, have built homes in Pococi, Cartago, San Carlos and many other places in Guanacaste, compiling a long list of satisfied clients who have become friends.

The cabins that the company builds are earthquake-resistant and almost completely built of wood. The best proof of their quality is that none of them that had been built throughout the peninsula before the earthquake in 2012 suffered any damage from the quake. In addition, by using wood from the area’s plantations, it is guaranteed that the product is respectful of the environment and contributes to local economic development.

Another advantage of this kind of construction is the short amount of time it takes to finish them, as it will be no longer than three months from the contract signing to having the keys to your new cabin, whether it is to live in or for vacations, in the middle of the mountains or close to the ocean. They are also perfect for using as a study or office.

The company will handle all of the administrative process and the site, before and during the construction. You can hire them for the design that you like best or one of the models that Eco Cabañas Hojancha offers, adapting it to their clients’ needs.

Savings and Loan Cooperatives offer financing so that you can enjoy your new cabin when you like, and the National Insurance Institute (Instituto Nacional de Seguros) offers policies to insure your property.

If you are thinking of building, don’t hesitate to contact Giovanni and Yadira by email at [email protected] or by calling 8689-3137. They will know how to help you with your project.