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Annexation Cultural Festival Delighted Hundreds

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Long live Nicoya in peace!

With these opening words, Marta Arauz, coordinator of the Annexation International Cultural Festival, welcomed hundreds of people who attended to enjoy an evening of music and dance in the Colonial City.

The Technical Professional High School (CTP) of Nicoya warmed up the stage with a presentation of “The Traditions of my People,” a group of Costa Rican dances from Caballito Nicoyano to the popular Tambito.

Between whoops, jumps and jubilation, the youth of the CTP earned the public’s applause.

After their presentation, Nicoyan journalist Jose Joaquin Fernandez Castrillo got up onto the stage to receive “La Gran Nicoya” prize, awarded by the Cultural organizational committee for his noteworthy contributions as a communicator. For 25 years, he has promoted Guanacaste’s culture and tourism development with his articles in Viajes magazine and the newspaper El Mensaje.

In like manner, the Municipal Council rendered homage in memory of distinguished artists Rigoberto Castillo Garcia and Rodrigo Martinez Lopez for their contributions to Nicoyan culture.

After the distinctions, the audience was transported to the Inca culture with the performance of the Group of Folkloric Projection of the Agustino Dance School of Peru, captivating the Nicoyan public with traditional dances and dramatic representations.

The king and his royal court were present with regional attire, followed by a couple in typical Peruvian dress and finally Incan Indian dancers.

By the time the Mexican Folkloric Ballet group took the stage, there was no longer room for anyone else to sit in the colonial plaza of Recaredo Briceño Park, and the audience stood in groups as close as possible to the main stage to enjoy Varacruz and a dance version of La Bamba.

The lineup of acts was a complete delight for those in attendance who bid farewell to the artists with holler and applause.