Chorotega Swimming Cup Will Be Qualifier for World Championship and Olympics

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The tenth edition of the Chorotega Swimming Cup is about to receive an approval from the International Swimming Federation that will allow swimmers to qualify for the top international competitions such as the 2019 World Swimming Championship in South Korea and the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.

The Nicoya Swimming Association (Anani), which organizes the Chorotega Cup every year, requested the support of the Costa Rican Swimming Federation (Fecona) to perform doping tests at the 2019 competition, the only condition that the previous nine editions didn’t have because of the cost (¢2 millones, or $3,500).

The federation and the Youth and Sports Ministry approved the financial support to pay for the tests in the tenth edition, which will be held from April 12-15, 2019.

This raises the tournament to the continental level,” says Fecona president Ángel Herrera. Swimmers can come swim in Nicoya knowing that it’s not just a normal tournament, but an exceptional one,” he said.

Fecona is hoping for a positive response from FINA, which is a high probability since the tournament fulfills all the requirements, according to the Fecona president.  

Herrera hopes that even President Carlos Alvarado declares the competition of national interest, during his July 25 visit to Nicoya.

The Best Opportunity  

Right now, the only way for swimmers to reach the world championships or the Olympics is through the national championship. But the characteristics of the Nicoya sports complex, where the Chorotega Cup is held every year, make it the best opportunity for swimmers who want to compete internationally.

The pool is Olympic-size with eight lanes and the air density and sea-level altitude help swimmers reach greater speeds. Fecona’s president and the Cup’s organized Diego Fajardo both agree.

It’s not only an opportunity for swimmers, but for the canton and the province as well.

The tournament brings together 2,000 people (between athletes and partners),” Fajardo explains. “When it is held, there is no room in hotels and restaurants fill up, so economically it has a big impact in the canton.”

That’s why the association and the federation will try to join forces with the tourism industry to give a greater boost to the tournament and the economy during the days of the tournament.