Esterones in Nicoya will have a clean-up day

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Translator: Arianna Hernández

The Municipality of Nicoya is organizing a clean-up day for August 28, in coordination with the community of Esterones’ development association. The itinerary will include Esterones’ center and upper areas and Buena Vista Beach.

People who want to participate can show up in the center of Esterones that day at 8 a.m. If you want to pre-register, you can comment on the municipality’s Facebook post. As part of the measures due to the pandemic, participants should wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer.

The second vice mayor of the Municipality of Nicoya, Laura Rivera, commented that the local government has a schedule of annual activities allocating economic, human and material resources to fulfill their proposals to care for the environmental.

On this occasion, they will go to the coast to continue with the clean-up days, with support from local residents and other organizations such as Eco Manada and Club Leo of Nicoya.

When people get involved in cleaning, they don’t want it to get dirty, so they are going to feel more empowered. Whereas if other people go to clean it up, they don’t care if others make a mess because they didn’t participate,” Rivera commented.

According to Rivera, since it’s a coastal area, it’s normal to find plastic and cans, not just from visitors but also from local people. “They don’t pay attention that they are charged for garbage collection and they decide to throw it anywhere,” said Rivera.

Before starting the day, those in charge will hold a brief onboarding session for participants on the importance of separating garbage, recycling and keeping public areas clean, as well as things they should pay attention to during the activity.

The municipality will distribute gloves and will have a hand-washing station with soap and water.