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Coastal Soccer Tournament Begins

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The 2014 Coast Cup soccer tournament started this past Sunday, May 25. The competition is organized by the Samara Soccer Commission, and there are 16 teams participating from Samara, Nosara and Ostional. The tournament will last until Sunday, July 6; seven games will be played in the first round. 

The teams have been divided into two groups. Group one includes Barco Quebrado, Nosara, El Torito Youth, Santa Teresa, Delicias, Ostional, Santo Domingo and Esperanza. Group two is made up of Las Brisas, El Silencio, Samara, Buena Vista, El Torito, Carrillo, Nosareña and Santa Marta. 

Every team will both visit and receive all the other teams in their group for games. Winners will proceed to the semifinals and the season will finish with a grand final.

In addition, each team has to cover their own expenses, and for now, none of the teams from Nosara are receiving communal help or sponsorship.


Coastal Soccer Tournament 2014


Sunday June 1st

Group A

Sto. Domingo- Bco. Quebrado

Esperanza- Delicias

Ostional- Juvenil El Torito

Sta Teresa- Nosara

Group B

Nosareña- Las Brisas

Sta. Marta- El Torito

Carrillo- Sámara

Buena Vista- El Silencio


Sunday June 8

Group A

Bco. Quebrado- Sta. Teresa

Nosara- Ostional

Juvenil El Torito- Esperanza

Delicias- Sto. Domingo

Group B

Las Brisas- Buena Vista

El Silencio-Carrillo

Sámara- Sta Marta

El Torito- Noseraña


Sunday June 15

Group A

Sta Teresa- Delicias

Sto Domingo- La Esperanza

Juvenil El Torito- Ostional

Nosara- Bco. Quebrado

Group B

El Torito- Las Brisas

Nosareña- Sámara

Sta. Marta- El Silencio

Carrillo- Buena Vista


Sunday June 22

Group A

Delicias- Nosara

Bco. Quebrado- Juvenil El Torito

Ostional- Sto. Domingo

Esperanza-Sta Teresa

Group B

Las Brisas- Carrillo

Buena Vista- Sta. Marta

El Silencio- Nosara

Sámara- El Torito


Sunday, June 29

Group A

Esperanza- Delicias

Sta. Teresa- Ostional

Sto. Domingo- Bco. Quebrado

Juvenil El Torito- Nosara

Group B

Sámara- Las Brisas

El Torito- El Silencio

Nosareña- Buena Vista

Sta. Marta- Carrillo


Sunday July 6

Group A

Delicias- Juvenil El Torito

Nosara- Sto Domingo

Bco. Quebrado- Sta. Teresa

Ostional- Esperanza

Group B

Las Brisas- Sta. Marta

Carrillo- Nosareña

Buena Vista- El Torito

El Silencio- Sámara