Despite New Well, Guiones Rings in New Year with Little Water and Lots of Tourists

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For the second year in a row, the large number of tourists visiting Guiones and Pelada Beaches for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season have put a strain on the water supply, forcing the Playas de Nosara ASADA to perform nighttime water shutoffs.

Carl Wells, a member of the ASADA’s board of directors, explained that although the wells do have water, the demand exceeds the ASADA’s recharge capacity.

There are many tourists who come to vacation. They bathe. There are many people doing laundry and construction work. Just this week, we counted six houses that have filled pools,” Wells said.

The director of the ASADA explained that they also had to do water shutoffs last year during this time period. However, water consumption has been higher this year as the ASADA has a new well.

For now, they don’t know how long water shutoffs will continue, but the ASADA is asking residents and visitors to be conscientious about water usage.

What to Expect This Season

Although the wells have water, Wells believes they might have water shortage problems during the heaviest months of dry season, March and April, due to low rainfall in 2015.

According to reports from the National Meteorological Institute, Guanacaste received 40% less rainfall in 2015.

The Voice of Guanacaste consulted Christoph Hubman, vice president of the Bocas de Nosara ASADA, to see if Nosara center is facing a similar situation, but Hubman stated that they have not had to perform water shutoffs to date and the wells have enough water.


It should be noted that water consumption in the Playas de Nosara area triples from December until the end of April, while consumption in the town of Nosara remains stable throughout the year.