Eight Photographs by The Voice Showcase Guanacaste Identity in Nosara Exposition

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Many of the photos that the Voice of Guanacaste’s photojournalists have taken have been been printed on the front page of the newspaper, in galleries on the website or on social media. Others have been saved on a hard drive and have never been published.

That is why a team of journalists and photographers from The Voice of Guanacaste decided to select the best images that the newspaper’s photojournalists have taken during the last two years and showcase them in a photo exposition.

The event, called “Identity,” will take place in Playa Guiones, Nosara, next Friday, November 24 in the coffee house and brewery Olo Alaia, at 6pm. Entry is free.

According to the The Voice of Guanacaste’s executive director Emiliana García, the selection of photos unites the identity and culture of Guanacaste.

“Throughout the years we have had very talented photojournalists that have captured very unique images of Guanacaste,” the newspaper’s director said.

The exposition will offer pieces by photojournalists  Ariana Crespo, David Bolaños, Eka Mora, Pinar Istek,  Gloriana Ximendaz and César Arroyo. The exposition will also present the work of other photographers that have shared their talent with the newspaper, such as Adrián Delgado and María Laura Charles.

“The Voice is a brave newspaper that, on many occasions, has spoken and visualized topics that are overlooked and even rejected by other media outlets in Costa Rica,” photographer Eka Mora said. “Having a photography exposition is important because it gives a face to and shows the story behind these topics in the province.”

This newspaper’s sales director Jennifer Vega said that those in attendance at the event can buy photographs in various sizes for between $15 and $40. Pins and handbags with Guanacaste phrases on them will also be for sale.

Vega explained that the money that is made from photograph sales will help finance journalism at The Voice of Guanacaste.

At Olo Alaia you can also enjoy a large variety of craft beer. National band Baula will liven up the event with music.