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Falafel Bar: The Essence of Tel Aviv in Tamarindo

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Five years ago, Israelites Keren and Isaac Poni brought the essence of Tel Aviv and its surrounding areas to Tamarindo at the Falafel Bar.

The humus dishes (from ¢ 3900 to ¢ 5900/$7.35 to $11.20) are ideal if you plan to share with another person or even for just one person. Hummus is made from mashed chickpeas (garbanzos) served with homemade pita bread and can be basic with olive oil, lemon and tahini (sesame seed paste) or with mushrooms, onion and parsley.

The house specialty is falafel (fried balls of mashed chickpeas with parsley and garlic), which costs ¢ 4900 ($9.25) and includes five falafel balls, salad, hummus and pita bread. There are also a variety of salads like Greek with fresh vegetables and black olives for ¢4500 ($8.50), falafel salad, which is a combination of fresh vegetables and five falafel balls for ¢4900 ($9.25), and the Arabian salad with fresh vegetables, lemon and olive oil for ¢4500 ($8.50).

Hors d’oeuvres are another option, like Egyptian-style majadra rice cooked with lentils for ¢3600 ($6.80). There are also grape leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables for ¢ 3900 ($7.35) or zatar pita bread with a mixture of seasonings from Israel on the bread and tahini dip for ¢2800 ($5.25).

To drink, there is homemade iced tea and lemonade with hibiscus for ¢1100 ($2.10), watermelon with basil and mint for ¢1300 ($2.45) and Egyptian cinnamon tea or Turkish coffee for ¢900 ($1.70). Alcoholic drinks and beer are also served.

Telephone: 2653-1268

The Good:

They sell authentic Mediterranean spices like Moroccan paprika, Shawarma and Baharat.

The Bad:

The prices are not cheap.