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Farm to Table Gastronomy Comes to Nosara, Adding a Modern Twist to Tico Food

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The idea of bringing the “Farm to Table” concept to Nosara came from Turkish designer Gonca Gul and her husband, German photographer Gunther Intelmann. And it makes a lot of sense because Nosara has always been a destination with a modern air and eager to promote organic food.

Basically, “farm to table” is a social movement that promotes local and organic agriculture. La Casa’s providers are local fishermen and farmers, organic production farms in Zaragoza and the owners’ own farm, located in Ostional.

La Casa’s menu is experimental and changes every day. For the most part, it is vegetarian with a vegan option, although they also serve fish or shrimp for dinner, depending on the catch of the day.

The concept is simple and elegant, and the dishes are prepared taking into account the chemical and nutritional properties of the food. The place offers a community table for 12 guests, but it also has many cozy corners to enjoy as if at home.

Breakfast is run by the owners’ daughter, Dilara, who is an expert baker and knows how to combine flavors and bring out aromas. Try the cinnamon rolls or the chocolate banana cake.

For lunch, Tico chefs Lucia Levy and Felipe Viquez prepare dishes ranging in price between 3500 and 7000 colones ($6.60 and $13.20).

Depending on the day, they might serve ceviche made with oyster mushrooms or “cuadrado” plantains, green leafy salads, panini with pro-biotic bread, soups, homemade corn tortillas with plantain husks and turmeric, rice and beans or lentil or yuca patties with dips like cashew mayonnaise and almond milk.

In the evening, the atmosphere becomes more elegant, and the prices range from about 8,000 to 15,000 colones ($15 to $28.30). Dinner is cooked on the grill, taking advantage of the distinctive flavor of roasted vegetables.

Dishes can include green salads and passion fruit sauce, rice cooked in turmeric and potatoes stuffed with pickled cucumber and dill. For dessert, you can taste the tart made from nuts and dehydrated fruits, dates, raisins and cinnamon.

To drink, there is tea, coffee, natural house sodas or homemade lemonade made with turmeric, orange and ginger.

The Good:

Very fresh food and they don’t generate much garbage and organic waste.

The Bad:

Since the restaurant is outdoors, an unexpected rainy day could dampen the food.

Facebook: La Casa Nosara,

Hours: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Location: 200 meters east of Minisuper Las Delicias in North Guiones.