Find Out How Much Each Guanacaste Municipality Spent on Transfer of Powers

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May 1st was a day of contrast in Guanacaste, as some municipalities went all out to inaugurate the new mayors and council members, while others tried to spend as little as possible.


The Voice of Guanacaste consulted the 11 municipalities in the province regarding how much money they spent on transferring power and in which budget categories. Despite that request, the Municipality of Tilaran only provided the total and did not specify details, and Liberia did not respond. However, we know that the Council of Liberia approved a budget of ¢1,400,000 ($2,640) for that activity during the council session on Monday, April 18.


In Guanacaste, the Municipality of Cañas was the biggest spender for that day with an amount of more than ¢2 million ($3,770), while the formal ceremony in La Cruz did not incur any expenses. Find out the details of each one of the municipalities in this graph.