Flamingo Fishermen Seek Agreement with Developers of New Marina To Keep Operating

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The Playa Flamingo Fishermen’s Association is seeking to sign at least 13 agreements with the developers of the Flamingo Marina in order to guarantee the operation of their vessels when the project is operating.

The agreements range from free access to the loading and unloading docks for material and wastewater from the vessels to preferential docking rates at the marina

According to the group’s vice-president Dervin Suárez, the majority of these agreements will be signed in the coming days, but he didn’t give an exact date.

The Santa Cruz Marina Committee mediated the agreements between the fishermen and the developers. It was created precisely to protect citizens from the operation of the marina, explained councilman Jorge Leal.

Dervin Suárez explained that the fishermen have used the zone where the marina will be built for more than 20 years and more than 45 local fishing boats depend on it to make a living.

“Up until now, the agreements had only been talked about. The developers have told us that they are willing to put it in writing, which will give us greater certainty that they are going to be respected,” Suárez said.

Joaquín Gamboa, the project manager for Grupo de Desarrollo Marina Flamingo, the group building the marina, confirmed that they are in negotiations with the fishermen of Flamingo and Potrero, but he added that they are still analyzing proposals before they make a final decision about which agreements to respect.

“We don’t want to harm them, which is why we are reviewing each one of the requests,” Gamboa said.

Slowly But Surely

In September 2017, the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (Setena) approved the last construction permit for the Flamingo Marina. This was the last permit that the developers needed in order to start building the project.

Gamboa said that they are about to sign the concession contract with the City of Santa Cruz, a document that details the specifications of the project and the obligations of the licensee.

The marina will be built on a 189,000 square-meter space next to the coast guard station. It will have 211 docking spots for yachts with dimensions between 30-110 feet, a convention center with capacity for 800 people, a five-star hotel with 180 rooms, a yacht parking stations, gas station and mall.

The date for the start of works is still not defined.