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Food from a Wood Stove

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In the town of La Esperanza in Nosara, Giovanny Aguilar Mendoza and his family start the day early, preparing firewood that will bring flavor to the kitchen at Moncha’s, a small soda located along the main road.

Prices are affordable, the flavors are traditional and there is a family environment, which is why locals and tourists alike have been coming to the restaurant since it opened in 2010.

The grilled chicken with tortillas has been one of the house specialties for more than ten years, as the Aguilar family previously ran another restaurant called “Crazy Chicken.” A whole chicken costs ₡6,500 ($13), while a portion costs ₡2,000 ($4).

Their chifrijo, an appetizer that originated in bars in San Jose, has a layer of rice, another of soft beans, fried pork rinds, pico de gallo (tomato, cilantro, onion and lemon juice) and tortillas. It is available every day in the soda and costs ₡2,500 ($5).

Those looking for a full lunch can order a casado for ₡2,500 ($5) with the choice of fresh fish, steak, chicken or a pork chop. Fast foods are also available with prices between ₡1,000 ($2) and ₡2,000 ($4), including cheeseburgers, pieces of hot dogs with fries, chalupas and hot dogs.

Phone number and delivery service: 2682-1003

Open: 10am – 9pm, closed on Mondays